Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taught by a Three Year Old....

Today I bore my testimony in church. I had a real learning experience while reading the Book of Mormon this week and I wanted to share it. I was reading about Lehi's dream of the Iron Rod and how the people were clinging to this rod. Some who were clinging to it saw the people in the Great Building and were ashamed and let go of the Rod. The Mist of Darkness was also present in some moments and many let go of the Rod because they could not see the Tree of Life through the Mist. It struck me that it isn't good enough to just cling to the Rod, we had to believe that what was at the end of the Rod was worth it. That just living the Gospel principles wasn't good enough, we had to believe in them and know that they will eventually bring us to our "Happy Ending." I finished up my testimony and went back to my seat. When I sat down Ethan said, "Mommy, you forgot Joseph Smith!" I sat back and realized that I had in fact forgot to mention my belief in Joseph Smith, I had completely left that out and my little three year old had been paying attention enough to know that I hadn't mentioned him. Ethan continues to amaze me on a daily basis, most times multiple times in one day! He is such an energetic kid that I often times think he isn't paying attention to ANYTHING we say to him and then little moments like this happen and make me realize how much he really does pick up from us and listen to. One more moment that happened last week... We were having Family home Evening and I had really only planned that we were going to play Memory, but I wanted to get something spiritual to it so the following went down:

Me: Does anyone know who Nephi was?
Ethan: He a Prophet!
Me: (shocked that he said that) Yes, good job and where can we read about him?
Ethan: Book of Mormon Stories that my teacher tells to me.
Me: (Once again shocked) Very good, and who was Nephi's Father:
Ethan: President Monson!!!

Okay so 2 our of 3 isn't bad if you ask me! And at least we were still talking church and not something like Soley's his Father or better yet Handy Manny! Keep teaching your parents Ethan, I'm always willing to learn, especially from you!

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Steph said...

So cute. Isnt it funny what our kids teach us everyday? Gotta love it.