Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These Kids and Their Daddy!

Chris had a field trip to a Spinal Cord Research Hospital in LA the last two days. He left very early on Monday and didn't get back in town till about 2:00 this morning. To be honest I HATE it when Chris is out of town for any reason. I hate being alone and especially when I'm pregnant, however I always know I can count on both of our families to really help out. Karolyn came by early Monday morning to pick the kids up for the day. My parents had a funeral to attend so Ethan and Katelee got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. We can always count on Karolyn to help us out, she even dropped the kids back off after I got home from work. My parents came over for dinner and Karolyn stayed as well. We had pizza and then we had a quick FHE on talking with our Heavenly Father. Ethan then showed everyone how well he can do his alphabet, colors and shapes. So for doing that we went outside and Grandpa Blackburn helped us do two fireworks. Then Grandma Nelson headed home and my parents helped me get the kids ready for bed.
I don't know about any other mothers out there but getting the kids ready for bed and in bed can be the most stressful part of the night for me. With my parents there to help out it really went smoothly. Chris called and was able to talk with Ethan before he went to bed. Their conversation, although I only heard one side, was pretty funny. Chris was at a baseball game and Ethan told him, "I can hear all those people in California!" It was really cute! When I got back on the phone Chris said how grown-up Ethan sounded on the phone! I put Ethan to bed and finished up some laundry and then I headed to bed as well.
The next morning went pretty smooth, I got the kids ready and dropped them off at Grandma's and then headed to work. That night when I picked the kids up my mom offered to make dinner for us, so we hung out there for a while and then headed home just in time for Katelee's bedtime. I had some friends come over with their two young boys and Ethan didn't like that at all. The boys kept following him around and all he wanted to do was chill on the couch. When they left it was pass his bedtime and he was not happy about not having his "mommy" time like he does every other night. He then decided that he really missed his daddy, so we gave Chris a call. They were waiting for one of his classmates to get released from the hospital and then they could head home. We had told Ethan that daddy would be home that night so he was quite upset that he wasn't going to get to see him. During Ethan's prayers that night he said, "I really miss my daddy" and then he started crying pretty hard. He then said, "Please bless him to get home safe!" It was one of the sweetest prayers he has ever given and warmed my heart because he was thinking the same thing I was! He went to bed and was out in no time, amazing how crying can wear down even a soon to be four year old!
Chris finally got home around 2am and went straight to bed. I sleep much better after he was home, that's for sure! In the morning when I got Katelee out of her crib she kept saying, "Daddy home?" and so I toke her into our room and put her on the bed with Chris. She got a huge smile on her face gave him a cuddle and then decided to be her normal self and want only me while I got ready for work. Silly little lady! Ethan was glad to have his daddy back, but acted really cool about it all! But this mommy was really happy to have their daddy back. I love all the time I get to spend with the kids all by myself, but I definitely miss having him there to help out and hang out! I don't know what we are going to do if Chris has to do an out of town clinical and we will have three kids then, but I know we will be able to make it because our families are so amazing!
I am so grateful for a wonderful husband that helps out so much around the house and with the kids! I can always count on him and miss him so much when he isn't there! This little trip has shown me how mature my little man is getting. He took good care of his momma, gave me extra hugs and was well behaved. He showed that he is capable of understanding that Daddy needs our prayers when he is away and that he needs his daddy in his life! Katelee is still indifferent, but Ethan, Ethan missed his daddy like crazy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ethan's First Gym Cats Class

Grandma Nelson watches Ethan all by himself on Friday's and decided to sign him up for a class at the Rec Center as well. For his age he fit into the Gym Cats class. He has been excited for it since Grandma told him about it, and even more so since he went with Katelee to her Tumbling Cubs class. We were leaving for Utah on his first day of class so I took the day off so I could be there. Chris took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house in the morning before school and I finished packing and got myself ready. I left the house with plenty of time to get to Henderson and go with Ethan to his class. As I turned out of our complex my tire light came on. I called my brother and asked if he could put some air in my tire at his house, he told me to come on over. When I got there I noticed that I had a HUGE nail in my tire and that was the reason for the low tire! Go figure. I took the day off just so I could see Ethan at his class and we could leave for Utah earlier and here I probably wouldn't make it to see Ethan. My brother, being the overly kind brother he is, offered to let me take his truck to Henderson and he would take my car to the tire store and have it fixed. With a little hesitation I finally took him up on his offer, just so excited to go to class with Ethan. I got to Nelson's house in time and we headed over to the Rec Center for Ethan's class. When we walked in Grandma got Ethan's shoes and socks off and then the teacher made the following announcement, "OK parents you will have to wait out in the hallway." My heart dropped. I took the entire day off of work to be here for this, my brother is doing my dirty work so I could be here, and for what to wait in the hallway?? My little mother heart broke, especially when the best picture of Ethan in tumbling was this one..... This boy is so funny sometimes. He was happy until he realized we weren't going to be in the room with him. I tried to bribe him with just about everything I could think of. Finally Grandma came in and said she was just going to stay with him so I left. A few minutes later out came Grandma. She had also been kicked out... It ended up being a good thing, Ethan loved his tumbling class and from the little peep hole they had he participated just fine! When he came out I asked him if he wanted to come back next week and he said, "yeah, if my teacher will let me!" He went again last week and loved it. He even learned how to do the Spider Wall Climb and showed it to us later that night! Later in the car on the way to Utah Ethan said, "when do I get my Slurpee for going to tumbling class so well?!" I just had to chuckle, the boy has a memory, even if it is a little off!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Katelee Turns 2

Two years ago today, Katelee Madge Nelson was born into our little family. I can still remember that day perfectly.... Today was a little different than that day but just as good so far.
When Katelee woke up we let her open up her presents from us....
She was so excited this year!
One of her gifts was a baby that came with a car seat. She loved it to pieces! Ethan was a big help in opening her presents and was even very excited for her.
As soon as her baby was opened, the mother Katelee kicked in. She loves babies, real or fake, and will make such a great big sister! Katelee also got her first Barbie and some cute clothes that her daddy picked out!

Ethan went over to Grandma Nelson's house today, so Katelee had her daddy all to herself. Daddy and Katelee came over to Mommy's work and we went and had a good lunch date with Katelee! Katelee loved having all of her parent's attention and is very good at taking advantage of her Special Day!
This little lady is so much fun, I can't even imagine her being any different! Sure she has a crazy attitude and can be pretty cranky, but that is what makes her so much fun! She loves to take pictures, talk on the phone, yell at her brother, sing to her babies and do things that make her mother think, "oh dear!" Katelee's hair is very curly and hardly ever done. We comb her hair everyday, like we should, but I swear within minutes it looks all nappy again! When you take her picture she will immediately say, "Let me see." And then she will have to see it before she can happily take another one! This girl is pretty tall and skinny, don't know where she gets that from, but more power to her!
When we first found out we were having a girl, I won't lie, I was a little sad. I didn't want the drama of a teenage girl, EVER! I was nervous that her hair would never be done because I'm not very good at doing my own hair let alone someone elses! It make me a little crazy to think about all the pink clothes and the girly stuff that she might one day want. Since getting to know my sweet Katelee more I have come to realize how much I love having a daughter. I love the random hugs she gives and the way she loves to play with her hair. I love how cute she is when she is dressed all girly and her hair is combed. I will not say I'm good at doing her hair, but it will do for now! Her little voice can make a crazy stressful day fade away when she is singing to her dolly the whole ride home. The way she says "Thank You" cracks me up and the way she shakes when she is really mad makes me smile! Oh I know there will be some miserable teenage days, We will deal with them when they come.......... Katelee is so independent and strong willed I'm not too worried about her following the crowd, my little bossy lady will be leading that crowd.
From the moment she was born I have loved her with every piece of my heart and cherished her sweet spirit and personality. Even from a very young age she has always known what she wants and doesn't give up until she has pretty much gotten it! She can be mean, she has bitten before and I'm sure she will do it again. Luckily her favorite person to bite is herself! Katelee still loves to stare at people and seems so serious at times, but the girl loves to joke around and laugh too! I can't help but see a little bit of me in Katelee, I will let you determine if that is a good or bad thing! She loves adventure, will try just about anything at least once, she loves to cuddle but not too long, she loves to tackle her brother and she loves to be the center of attention!
Our family has truly been blessed because of the spunky, wild and sweet girl, Katelee! Thanks for letting us be your parents and thanks for keeping us on our toes! We love you, Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Katelee and Tumbling

My daughter is crazy and wants to be just like her mommy. When I take my shoes off, Katelee takes her shoes off. When I have no socks on, Katelee thinks she doesn't need to wear socks. The other day I went for a run with my little lady and when I got home I took my shoes and socks off. Katelee quickly grabbed my socks and put them on and then worked very hard to get my shoes on. Daddy helped her out and this is the aftermath!(It was a lazy Saturday morning, so I just threw that dress on over her onsie so she would be dressed for our run!)
Grandma Nelson watches Katelee on Monday's and has signed her up for a Tumbling Cubs class at the rec center in Henderson. This week was her first class and Daddy was able to go as well and take some pictures! He said she enjoyed herself and was more comfortable doing some things over others!
I love the position of her arms in this photo!

Seems happy to me!

I think she would rather be on the ground than hanging in the air! Although her Grandma said this is her favorite part! Silly girl!
Our little lady loves adventure and I'm sure by the end of the classes she will be tumbling ALL over the place!