Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorry Ethan, I Just Had To!

Last Sunday Katelee was napping and Ethan and I were downstairs just hanging out. Ethan was slowly getting out of his PJ's one item at a time and I was letting him. Pretty soon he was naked and I started bugging him about getting dressed. I was getting some things ready for church and looked up to see this. My son completely naked and wearing his BYU football helmet. What a sight. I got the camera out and immediately Ethan faces me and smiles. I couldn't put that picture on the blog so I told him to turn sideways. He did and then out of nowhere he posed his leg, priceless! I know, one day Ethan will kill me for putting this on the web, but it was just too funny not to! What would I do without these little things in my life to make me laugh??


Keever Family said...

That is probably the funniest picture I have seen! you should keep that for when he starts dating!

Sara Moffitt said...

Oh my! how funny! What a character! That is one for the girls to see!

Get Hooked said...

Too Funny! Poor poor Ethan!