Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just a Fact of Motherhood

I cleaned the kitchen Saturday morning!............
And this is what happened while I did that! Thanks kids for always keeping me busy. It is very hard to be idle with you guys around!

Ethan's First Dentist Visit

On Friday, February 19th Ethan went to the Dentist for the very first time. I figured he has quite a few teeth and we need to make sure everything is going good, so why not take him in to see the dentist. When I made the appointment Chris told me he would miss school so he could go with us. So we hyped the Dentist up to Ethan and by Friday he was excited to go. Here is my big boy on the way to the dentist. Not even scared a little!

We checked in and Ethan looked at all the cool magazines for kids and even colored a little, then they called us back. Ethan hopped right into the chair.....

And made himself quite comfortable!

When the Dr. did come in Ethan acted a little shy, but did shake his hand. Chris knows Dr. Gubler from when he worked at the Bank. They talked for a little bit and then Ethan was Dr. Gubler's focus!

He showed him his cool gloves and even the little mirror and tool that he was going to use to "count" his teeth!

Then he showed Ethan the cool light he had. Ethan paid attention to everything.

I think this is my favorite photo. Ethan is totally relaxed while the Dr. has the instruments in his mouth. This kid is really a super brave and tough kid! The Dr. said his teeth are perfect and that we can probably come back in six months for a cleaning because he did SO well! The only bad thing he did notice is Ethan has a cross-bite, so he recommended we see an orthodontist to see what they recommend doing. I have done some research and asked a few local orthodontist what they think. They suggest, of course, bringing him in and they will evaluate him and see exactly what he needs. But normally they don't do much until they are about 7. So we'll see how that plays out!

Ethan was so relaxed the entire time, I guess I really shouldn't expect anything else from this boy. He really sets such a great example of the perfect child when at the Dr. He probably thought the Dentist was the best Dr. because he didn't get blood drawn, a shot or his belly pushed around.

For being such a great patient Ethan was able to pick two stickers and a toy. He picked two "Cars" stickers and a toy airplane. And he gave us a nice cheese for the final picture! Look at those beautiful teeth! :) Good Job Ethan! We are so proud of you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi, My Name is Hilary....

And I'm an Olympic Addict.
What do I possible do with my time when the Olympics aren't on TV? At night I find myself flipping from one channel to the next, just trying to catch as many different sports as I can. Don't even get me started on Curling!!! Seems like such a dud of a game, but I'm hooked. It doesn't even have to be USA playing and I'm into it! Ethan really likes it too! He watches it with my Mom during the day and then with us at night!
I could quite possible need to be put on blood pressure medicine while watching the Olympics because if USA has the lead and someone comes close to it or beats it, I go crazy! Poor Chris was studying one night and I was watching the qualifying for speed skating and our boy Ohno was racing so calmly. They had 9 laps and he didn't start his move until the 7th one. I ended up off the couch on the floor by the end of the race. Chris thought I was crazy, but it just shows how much American pride I have inside me. I hate the thought that we don't have a gold in every competition. We are superior in EVERYTHING right??? Even at work I check the medal count multiple times a day. Most times they don't change, but it makes me feel great to see that we are still in the lead overall!
I have never really been an Olympic fan, but something clicked in me this month and I just can't help myself! I even had Chris watching Ice Dancing last night. He thought it was Ridiculous, but we were still watching it! I have gotten to bed late almost every night since the Olympics started, but it's totally worth it! I hope I can give my children the same pride in our wonderful country that my parents did! I love American and I love the fact that we are dominating in the Overall Medal Count!!!
Go USA, Go USA, Go USA!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anna's Baby Shower-AKA Girl Party

On February 6th we threw a Baby shower for my sister Anna. We started planning in January and the time just flew by. It turned out that there was a UNLV vs BYU Basketball game that same day so the boys all got tickets to go. Ethan told someone he was going to a baby shower and they told him it was for girls, so later he said, "Mommy you stay at the girl party and I'll go to the basketball game!" It has already started....
When I woke up that day it was raining and by the time we all got out to Anna's house, which is on the opposite side of town, it was POURING!!! We sent invites to our family that lives out of town so they didn't feel excluded and to our great surprise my Grandma Blackburn and cousin Sara flew down Saturday morning just for the shower. I wish I had a picture of Anna coming down to see Grandma and Sara, but my camera was not the one to capture that moment. It was great, Anna cried, of course and I must admit I got a little teary eyed as well! We had so much help setting up, planning and cleaning up that it made the whole day a lot nicer! For the weather being horrible there were still a lot of guests and fun times had by all!I tried to be creative.... This is the extent of it!
Here are some of the decorations....
Here are some of the gifts before the party started!
We had some really good food!
This is just as the party started, the house was already a little crowded.
This is right before we started opening gifts!
This is where Anna and I sat for almost two hours straight!!! She had so many gifts, we had planned on playing a few games but only got one or two in because there were just too many gifts! (I have to admit I liked that, shows how much my sister is loved by everyone!)
Anna and Enrique have been working hard on getting Baby Emily's room ready and I think they have done a mighty 'pink' job! The room is so bright and so Anna! When we painted Ethan's room we did it a light yellow so we could have a boy or a girl in that room. But not Anna, she went all out for her little girl!
Here is their changing table and Emily's first Halloween costume!
Anna has received so many handmade blankets and quilts it's amazing. This is only a few of them....
Sometimes I wonder how Anna and I came from the same parents. Anna is so sentimental, she loves keeping old things that have special meaning. Some of those things include these dolls and the duck in the upper right of this picture. Also another quilt that was hand made for her by a customer of the banks!
Anna, my mom and Grandma Alberta made the quilt on the right in the front. The other two are from Anna's customers at work.
This quilt was made by our Aunt Beth that lives in Utah. My cousin and Grandma brought this down on the plane and had to show a few people in the airport the blanket! It is absolutely beautiful. Katelee and Ethan each got a blanket like this too! :)
Anna having fun opening more gifts!
These are the after pictures. This couch was for clothes only. WOW!!!!
And this table is for misc. items. I think she got everything that she needed and then some!
I am so excited to be an Aunt again! I know that Anna and Enrique will be great parents and provide all the love and attention baby Emily could ever need! I have been so excited from day one and know I will only get more and more excited the closer it gets. I'm not looking forward to the 30-45 minute drive every time I want to visit my new niece but I know I will make it very often and it will be WELL worth the time!!! My sister has been such a help and support to me and my little family, I can't wait to try to repay her for all of that! I probably won't come close, but at least I can try!
Ethan and Madilynn are so excited for Baby Emily! When you ask Madilynn where baby Emily is she will point to Anna's stomach, unless Anna isn't there, then she will point to her own! And Ethan the other day asked Anna if the baby in her belly was going to be his cousin! Ever since then he has been saying, "Baby Emily is my cousin!" And every now and then Ethan will randomly say, "Mommy, I was in your belly before, when I was smaller!"
Baby Emily: We are so excited to meet your cute little face and hold you! You have chosen to come to a wonderful mother and father, who will love you beyond belief! Everyone in your family has been waiting for you to come and will spoil you like crazy! You have no idea the amount of love you have already received and will continue to receive! Sure this world is pretty crazy but with family around there is nothing we can't handle. We are so excited to welcome you to the Blackburn family! We love you!!!!!
Anna and Enrique: We love you too!!! You will be amazed to find out the endless amount of love you can have for one little, itty-bitty baby! She has already captured your hearts, but just wait. The moment you see her and hold her that love will seem so small compared to what your heart will feel at that moment! When the nights seem endless and sleep doesn't come often enough, remember that moment and pure joy will fill your hearts and lift your spirits! (and you can always call Aunt Hil and she'll be there to give you a break!) I can't wait to see your little daughter..... We love you!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ethan: John 3:16

A few weeks ago Ethan came home from church with a sticker that informed us he was assigned the scripture for Primary the next week. The scripture was John 3:16, and I think I was more excited about it than Ethan. We started working with him on it that night. He would repeat after us most of the time, but other times he would just say, "You do it!" We worked on it almost every night and Grandma Blackburn worked with him during the day. I had a co-worker with three boys tell me that he could memorize it but I just laughed. How he didn't really know our little Ethan! We worked on me whispering in Ethan's ear and him talking in a normal tone. He was getting really good at that so I thought we were good to go! Chris was going to be out of town that Sunday and asked if we could have someone record it. Since it was going to be in church I didn't really think that was appropriate and told him he would just have to hear about it from me and Ethan! So Saturday night Ethan and I were up for a bit reading books and hanging out when I said, "Hey Ethan, lets practice your scripture!" He just gave me the look and said, "no, you do it!" So I let it be. Then out of nowhere he says into the microphone attached to a book "John 3:16, For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not PERISH, but have everlasting life!" I sat there amazed, afraid to move, thinking that moving would make him forget. I quickly grabbed the camera and asked him to do it again. His next attempts were not as good as the first, but they get the point across! When it was time to say the scripture in Primary the next day, Ethan confidently walked up to the stand, climbed the stairs and grabbed the microphone to pull it down. Then he looked around the room and very loudly said, "John 3:16." I think it took him by surprise how loud he was and he froze. I whispered "for" and he started it up again in a normal voice. I only had to prompt him about two more times and he got the rest done! When he was done he stepped down and went back to his seat with no look back at his ever proud mother! I went to Sunday School feeling like I had won a "prize." Ethan's teacher missed his scripture so he said it again for the whole class later in their room. I had him call all of his Grandmas and Grandpas and even had him call his Dad, while he drove back into town! It amazes me how Ethan never ceases to surprise us. He really is a smart kid and I have won a wonderful "prize!" I have won the tremendous opportunity of being this sweet little spirits mother! I hope you all enjoy this video as much as we do!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Katelee

Sometimes they like each other, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they play well together, sometimes they don't! Madilynn has given Katelee the nickname of Ki Ki! I think it's really cute! I guess it's only fair she give Katelee a nickname, Ethan gave her the nickname Ma Ma and it has just kinda stuck!

Katelee can be a loving girl one minute and then a little bit evil the next. I swear Sunday she wore a scale on her face the entire 3 hours of church, but I have to admit she was still pretty cute! Katelee is really into shoes lately. She loves to take them off, especially in the car. Don't get me wrong she has always done this, but now she will actually try to put them back on or bring you different ones to put on! When it's time to get jackets on Katelee sprints to me so she can be the first one! She has learned how to unzip and sometimes has her jacket off again by the time the rest of us get our jackets on.

This seems like an appropriate picture of Katelee. She has a smile on her face and an elbow in her brothers face! Classic! Katelee has started getting food out of her mouth and throw it on the floor. She especially loves to break crackers or pull bread apart and throw it all over! She is a very stubborn girl and knows what she wants. When she is finished eating, she is finished. She will throw anything left on the ground then to make it more dramatic she will sweep her arms across the tray to get the little pieces and her drink as well. It make me a little crazy, but at the same time I love how independent she is. I love that she knows her mind and is very good at expressing it! (for now anyway, I know that will change when she gets older!)

Katelee loves her brother and does ANYTHING he does. She loves to grab his toys when he puts them down. I'm pretty sure she knows she is being mean, but she still does things to bother him! He of course gets mad and says things like, "Hey I'm playing with that" or "That's my toy!" followed by crying! Katelee can be pretty rude but she doesn't like to hear her brother cry. She will look around and get a really sad expression and then sometimes even starts crying herself until Ethan stops! Katelee loves to tickle people and wrestle. Whenever I kneel down she will come over and try to push me over. If I'm already laying on the ground she will come and jump on me. She of course learned this from her brother! This picture is demonstrating how well she listens and cares! If she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't! If you tell her no she will drop to her knees and fall to her belly and cry. You don't have to do anything but say the word no. The other day she hit Madilynn with a toy. Madilynn was crying and I put Katelee in time out for the very first time. Katelee cried, held her hands together and stared at Madilynn. She of course got mad at me and tried to hit me a few times, but she never tried to leave time out! That was a shock. She just stood there crying and giving dirty looks to anyone that looked at her! Afterwards she just wanted to be held. You would think she was the one that got hurt! I guess emotionally she was???

Katelee is almost too tall for her 18 month pants and now has 10 teeth. She still weights about 21 or so pounds. Her hair is growing like crazy in the back but still pretty short and thin on the top. I guess that is okay, it doesn't get in her eyes that way, right? She was doing really well when I'd do her hair, but lately she pulls EVERYTHING out! Most the time when people see her, her hair looks horrible. But what did I expect? I hate doing my own hair and would walk around with hair like Katelee's if I could!
Most the time Katelee is happy and loves to play with all kinds of toys. She loves to play cars with her brother, carry her tea cups around and run around the house with Ethan. She really loves to read books! She will grab books and back up to you so she can sit on your lap. If you don't read the book fast enough she turns the pages for you. She is a bit impatient, I don't know where she gets that from??? :) When Katelee gets sick she loves to cuddle, but only for moments at a time. She will cuddle, sit up and mess around with something, cuddle, push you away and arch to get down. You put her down and then she wants back up to cuddle some more! We think she is absolutely beautiful, but for mine and Chris's sake we pray she is the only girl we have! (If not, that's okay....I guess!)