Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Girl...

Katelee is the kind of girl that just loves to have fun! She loves to laugh and squeal! I love when she smiles and shows her two HUGE front teeth! For the amount of attitude this little girl has she makes up for by the laughs she is always willing to give! Silly little girl with Ethan's helmet on! She was loving it!
What is a mother to do? Katelee can now climb onto the couch.... Oh it started yesterday and she is already a pro!

The other night we put Ethan's sunglasses on Katelee and she was too funny. Notice how wide her mouth is open? She must have thought that if the glasses were on she had to have her mouth open! She keep looking around and laughing!
Another picture of her and the glasses and the FRO the girl has on the back of her head!
Katelee is a 'character' and we just love her to pieces. She has started throwing tantrums where she drops to her knees, falls to the floor and then rolls over to her back and starts swinging her arms and kicking her feet. This ALWAYS happens when you tell the girl no or take something away. The other day Ethan took a toy away from her and she was not too pleased with that so she did her "I'm mad" grunt and grabbed two FULL handfuls of his hair! She started pulling and refused to let go. I had to go over and pry her little hands off of his hair. I told her to stop it and a tantrum began. I had to laugh, it is just too cute right now. It was kinda funny because while Katelee was pulling Ethan's hair he was yelling, "Let go of my hair, Katelee, stop it!" and then when she was throwing her tantrum he says, "Katelee got Attitude!" I hope we can nip this in the bum before it gets too bad and she gets too old!


Keever Family said...

Good luck with the tantrums! I love the sunglasses! My kids won't keep theirs on!

Get Hooked said...

Those pictures are so cute! They seem to have caught her personality well. Love the Tantrum stage. WELCOME TO THE DRAMA!