Monday, November 9, 2015

Yankees Fall Ball 2015

Ethan LOVES baseball.  He has played consecutive seasons since he was 3 almost 4 years old.  Each season we ask him what sport or thing he wants to do next.  We always try to say a different sport, "do you want to try soccer this time, or maybe basketball?"  And his answer has always been, "no, I want to play baseball."  Don't get me wrong, I love that he loves baseball, but I would also like it if he tried a different sport as well.  I really want him to get some experience on a different playing field with different actions, etc.  Last season we made the switch over to our zoned Little League, which is Cheyenne Little League.  We have really enjoyed it so far.  They are very organized, on top of things, informative and we know nothing of the drama that happens, which makes it amazing!  His coach and team last season was good, but we weren't trying to get Ethan on the same team or coach.  Don't get me wrong, the coach was good, but he didn't do much instructing, which we feel is very important.  We signed Ethan and Ashlee up at the same time, a huge hunk of money spent, and then we waited for the team assignment.  During Fall ball they do not have try outs, they draw players.  

Ethan's name, fortunately, was drawn by a great coach.  The team was a little sketchy at first, but it ended up being a great season.  The coach was very dedicated to the boys, he was there for them.  He didn't argue with the umpires, he respectfully disagreed at times, but he was there to help the kids get better and teach them the game of baseball.  The Yankees played great, our pitching improved over the season, which really helps out when you are watching the game.  They won some games, they lost some games and they had fun doing it.  

I just wanted to document some pictures from the season, that the team mom took and then sent to all of us parents.....

This is the classic Ethan sliding form.  His hand is always up high and the other one is dragging on the ground...  It's a sweet looking slide.

Ethan was one of the pitchers that we had.  He is an alright pitcher, he gets the ball across the plate.  He doesn't throw hard, but he does make the kids hit the ball.  We have lots of work to do on his pitching, but for being 8, almost 9, he did good. 

Ethan is kind of a punk on the bases.  I don't know where he gets his cockyness from....  He takes huge lead offs and almost taunts the other team with his eyes...  Begging them to throw the ball.  A few times when they did, he took off and stole the base...  I do love watching him, for the most part, on the bases.  He doesn't need coaching on when to run, stay or play.  He takes risks and for the most part he is very successful.  Sometimes though, when he is being cocky, I would like to throw a ball at him myself, but another part of me just giggles.  
Ethan played first base a lot this season.  They actually threw someone out that was leading off and Ethan was very proud of himself for helping that happen.... 

I love these two pictures.  Since I was a first baseman, I think I mentally criticize him a little too much.  His form, his feet, etc, but he does a pretty darn good job, for not having played first base much last year.  I have kept most of my comments to myself, or only told them to Chris, but I do try to give him a few helpful hints at times...   
Here's a pretty good stretch at first.
I like this picture of Ethan and teammates in the dugout.  Just chatting it up with each other.  He really does enjoy his teammates and hanging out with them.  

The Yankees actually made it to the Championship game.  The only team the other team had lost to all season was us.  We took them on and ended up losing, but 2nd place got trophies as well.  Ethan was so excited for the trophy and being announced on the field after the game that he didn't even care that they lost. 
Here is the team doing a cheer after getting their trophies.  It was a fun season and taking 2nd place isn't bad either!!!!