Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Ever 5K

To begin this post I would love to tell everyone about my running journey so far. When I'm at work I look forward to going home and doing my run. My latest course has been up Sahara at a small incline and then down Hollywood to Charleston, down Charleston at a small decline and then I hit Orchard Valley and head home. The first time I ran this course I felt pretty good about it. My body loved the burn and the sweat that came with the run. However the next time I did that course I was confused as to why I was running. Often times when I run I wondering why am I doing this when I HATE it so much. Why am I putting myself through this hurt and not being able to breath? But when I get home and can breath again I realize how much I actually love the feeling of exercise and pushing myself! For me running is a love/hate relationship! Most the time those two emotions are simultaneous and I still can't tell you exactly why I'm running, except that part of doing a Sprint Tri is running a 5K at the end, so I guess I better be able to run! I have never been one to really push myself physically, and I feel like for once I'm doing that. I feel like I'm for once in my life setting physical strength goals and I love the feeling I get when I accomplish them! They may not be huge goals but they are goals that once seemed out of reach and undoing altogether! So on to my point of this post...
On Saturday our Stake had it's second annual 5K fun run. Last year I thought about going but it was early in the morning and I wasn't really exercising so we didn't go. This year since I have been doing some running and preparing for the Susan G Komen 5K and also a Sprint Tri, I figured I'd do it and just see where I stood. I enlisted Enrique to do it with me since he has been my running helper. (whenever I run I always update him with how far and my time and he continues to encourage me, which makes me feel good!) So we leave my house around 6am and head over to the soccer fields where the race is being held. We were there quite early so we sat and talked for a while until more people started showing up. There were quite a few people from my ward there so I didn't feel out of place at all, however I was thinking, "oh dear, I have to run and look like crap doing it in front of people I know.... Yikes." So there were about 15-20 people doing the 5K and about 20 or so others doing the fun run... Not very many, so I wasn't as intimidated... We started the race which consisted of 3 laps around this huge field. Honestly I thought the whole field was 3.1 miles, but apparently it was only 1mile. Go figure! The course was field grass and freshly mowed I might add. Within 1/4 of a mile the grass was causing my asthma to flare up, however it gave me incentive to get pass that area of the field so I could breath again! When I completed the first lap all I could think was, "Wow, that was tough, only two more to go." Of course that thought nearly killed me so I tried to focus on small things like, breathing, my music and stretching my arms. At the completion of lap 2 my thoughts were "okay, only one more to go, you can do this!" If you could have read my thoughts you would have thought I only had a mile left of a marathon, Clearly I'm not in that good of shape! As I got closer to the end I realized that I was in third place and that was pretty cool. I crossed the finish line at 30 minutes and 37 seconds. When I heard that I was so disappointed... I have a course around the neighborhood I run that is 3.25 miles and I had just finished that a few days before in 28 minutes and 40 seconds, how on earth did I do so bad at only 3.1 Miles. After the initial negative thoughts went through my head I then realized that I had actually finished my first ever 5K, I was still alive and breathing (after a few puffs of the inhaler) and I felt a great sense of accomplishment! Who cares if I didn't finish in the time I wanted, I had finished! When the awards were passed out I got First Place for Females, I finished third overall, and got First Place for females in my age group.... I felt pretty good going and getting my ribbon and medallion, and Chris felt pretty good about it too! He kept telling some of the guys from our ward, "I didn't run the race, but I still have bragging rights because my wife beat you!" Deep down it felt good to see my husband so open about being proud of me! I must add that the only reason I won for the Females is because the super star runner of the stake chose to run with her boys instead of compete...
Thank you Ashlee....
As a side note, the consensus is that the course was really between 3.69 and 3.8 miles instead of 3.1. This is based on two Nike plus trackers and one Garmin tracker. So in reality I feel pretty good about the time I got at that mileage! We'll have to see how I do this Saturday at the Susan G, I'm sure this course will be more accurate and there will be about 1,000 or so more competitors!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Festivities

I was lucky enough to take the week before Easter off and hang out with the family. Because I had that week off the kids and I were able to go over to a lady in our ward's house and have a nice lunch and egg hunt. There were a whole bunch of kids there and Ethan had a blast playing with them all. (for the most part) For the egg hunt they let the younger kids go out first. I figured Ethan would know what to do so I went with Katelee.... After a few minutes I had to get Ethan off the trampoline so he could get an egg or two.... Katelee figured it out pretty well and ended up with quite a few more than Ethan!
(Classic Katelee stare!)
Yes that is Ethan's basket, and yet he only got ONE egg! But he didn't care. He had a blast with all the kids and frankly I didn't mind it at all. Less candy for him to shove in his mouth! We are so lucky to have such good friends in our neighborhood that care about us and include us in things. It was nice to hang out with all the other moms and get a glimpse into the live of a stay at home mother. It was nice and makes me sad that my kids don't get to hang out with all the other kids very much. But one day, one day!
That night we had an Egg Decorating party at our house. I made some dinner and then we colored eggs. Aunt Lisa was in town and really helped Ethan out. He of course loved it and dropped every egg he could in a color!

Tayler was there as well and her eggs looked much better than the Nelson families! Tayler is so good with the kids and we love having her around. We had a house full and we loved it. Aunt RaNae, UJ, Tayler, Carrie, Grandma Nelson, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Anjali, Madilynn, Aunt Anna, Uncle Enrique, Emily, Grandma Blackburn and Grandpa Blackburn all came.

It is a tradition in our family to get the Easter basket on Saturday instead of Sunday. This way they can have their goodies on Saturday and play outside with their baskets as well. So Saturday we got up with the kids and had them start looking for their baskets. That silly Easter Bunny always hides them....

(Ethan dressed himself, he loves this outfit because he says he looks like a football player, or sometimes even a baseball player!) Katelee got carried down by her daddy because it makes it faster! (and yes those are books and they are on practically every step on our staircase, the house of a PT Student and a lazy wife!)

Ethan had to look a little harder for his basket than Katelee but eventually they both found them and were excited for the goodies inside.

Don't these kids look Thrilled to have their baskets? Well they actually were, just not at the very second this picture was snapped!
After they looked at their baskets we informed the kids that the Easter Bunny had also hid some eggs in the backyard for them to find. This time Ethan looked for eggs....

And so did Katelee!

She was so funny doing the egg hunt. She would grab one egg and leave another one right next to it there. And later when we were hiding eggs for FHE she would hide them and then point to them the whole time someone was looking for them! What a little helper she is!

I think the kids enjoyed themselves and I know I enjoyed watching them and even hiding the eggs!
Later that day we went to the school up the street and 'rolled' eggs.
Here is baby Emily rolling her first Easter Egg....
Notice that both of my kids are pulling their arms back to throw the eggs.... Go figure!

And here we finally go them to sit down, hoping that would help them roll them, but they still just wanted to throw them!

I love spending so much time with my family and especially on Easter. We have such great traditions and I love the fact that I am carrying them on for my kids. I remember as a child looking forward to dying eggs and then hiding them. I remember going egg rolling with all of my cousins and grandparents. And I remember throwing my eggs too and rolling down the hill and being all itchy that day from it. I hope we can continue to provide our kids with these same kind of memories so they can look back one day and remember what fun they had, just like I can!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a Great Day!

This morning as I drove to work I realized what a great day I was already having, and felt like sharing it.

1.This morning I woke up with a sore neck and sore thighs from running last night. Now this might sound like not a very good start to a day but I love the exercise "sore" feeling! Makes me feel very productive and active. I don't mind feeling sore when there is a valid reason!

2.Ethan had a Dr. Apt this morning. When we got there I noticed a sing that said, "Attention all Aetna Patients:" (My heart sank, great the dreadful day that my insurance no longer covers the BEST Pediatrician ever has come. I have written multiple letters to Aetna asking them to please keep Dr. Duddy on their provider list to no avail!) The notice went on, "We are happy to announce that as of April 1, 2010 we continue to be an Aetna provider." How great is that, perhaps my nagging letters did work... What a great day!

3.Ethan had a follow up on some eczema issues and allergies. Last time we were in he had a horrible rash that he has had since October of last year. Ethan's skin is looking much better and Dr. Duddy said all is going well. We got another refill for his Singular (that will cost me $50 for 30 pills, but it keeps his asthma in line) and we were told we were good to go and continue what we have been doing! That is always nice to hear from the Dr. :)

4.Ethan was very well behaved in the Dr. office, which is not always the norm. He was polite and didn't whine at all on the way there or on the way back!

5.The traffic was a breeze to and from the Dr.'s office. Normally we are rushing to get to the Dr.'s office on time, but today we were about 15 minutes early!

6.(this one could be my favorite for the day) After dropping Ethan off at my mom's house I headed to work. On my way I received a text message from my sister-in-law, Anjali, that said this, "I will be going through the temple on Saturday April 24 at 3:00pm." How great is that? With tears in my eyes I responded that I was so excited for her and that the temple was AMAZING!

7.This one goes along with #6 but it is very special as well. Anjali then sent the following text, "I can't wait either! It's finally hitting me that I will be sealed to my family forever. Thanks, love you too Hil!" How amazing it was to think that my brother and sister-in-law will be sealed to their little Madilynn Jade in no time at all! How exciting the knowledge is to be sealed to our loved ones FOREVER! After this text I started crying and was overwhelmed with joy that I was bound to my husband and kids for Time and ALL Eternity! Although Chris and I may have our rough times the temple sealing that we were able to complete on May 28, 2005 always reminds us that no matter what we are bound together!

8.I got to work knowing the FDIC Compliance Examiner was still here, that in it's self is a bummer, however how grateful I am to have a job. To support my family and be able to take care of my loved ones! Work is often times stressful, especially during audits or exams, but at least I have one and am able to continue to grow through these experiences and increase my knowledge. What a great day!

How often I take the little things in life for granted! But today I was able to see them all and am so thankful for today! What a Great Day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter

Sunday's are always an eventful day at the Nelson household. With church starting at 1:00pm and Chris in meetings it can get a little stressful. The normal routine requires breakfast, quiet play time, baths, lunch (at 10:30) and naps for both kids. (And whenever I can fit it in, I have to get dress as well!) Katelee is well ready for a nap by 10:45, however Ethan is not as ready. Then we usually have to wake kids up before church and get their hair done and out the door by 12:45, or before 1! The Sunday before Easter was no exception, therefore these pictures reflect the tired eyes and noncooperation! Aunt Anna and I found Katelee's hat at Target for $1 and I couldn't resist getting it for her. I remember growing up, we use to get a hat on Easter sometimes and I always loved it. Probably the Tom-boy in me, but I thought I'd carry on that little tradition! Katelee amused us for a few pictures and then was through with it! (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn for the cute Sunday outfits!)
Katelee hated having her picture taken and this was the best one of her alone! The headband was also only $1! She left this in all through church! Amazing, I think she forgot it was in, actually!
And here is my studly Ethan! He is such a little pill but so dang cute too! I always love seeing him in a suit, makes him look a bit more innocent. Since it was Easter I decided to actually do something with his hair, against his demands! Later after church that day he told us that "Jesus died for us and then they put him in a cave and rolled a rock in front of it. Then the lady came and he was not there!" I'd say his teachers did a pretty good job of helping him understand the Resurrection of our Savior!
Just one more picture of our little cuties!
Happy Easter to everyone, may we always keep the thought of our Saviors sacrifice in our hearts!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Backyard

Before Chris and I got married we looked at a Condo and decided it would be a great house for us to start our marriage and family in. It is a nice house but the more upside down we become in it, because of the current economic situation, the more I grow less fond of it. One thing I have always been less fond of is the backyard. For a while I liked it. It was fenced and private and had a large cement slab to put chairs on and our bar-b-que. However when we had kids and they wanted to play outside I grew to hate the backyard. We had never really done anything with it so it was just dirt. And not just any dirt, nasty dirt. Dirt that blew with the wind and calcified when it got wet and dried! The dog would track in dirt or mud every time she came in. And don't get me started on what the kids looked like if they played out there for a while. Last year we were able to put wood floors in the house with our tax return. And they look really nice, so this year we decided to have artificial grass installed. And I think it turned out really nice too!
Before, the lovely view our guests saw as they walked to our door!After




The Happy Family afterwards!

Now that we have a nice backyard and some added curtains up in the Living Room I'm actually starting to like my house again! Thank you Backyard!