Thursday, January 22, 2015

Halloween 2014

 This year for Halloween we were all extra excited.  We purchased our costumes super early and had to wait what seemed like forever to wear them.  Finally our ward had a trunk or treat, so we got dressed up.

Brynlee was our little dog, we figured she had the perfect cheeks for a little bull dog.  The whole night of the trunk or treat she had the little dog tongue in her mouth.  It was quite cute since it looked like a little doggie would look.  

Katelee wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid.  She rocked it of course!

 Ethan chose tp be Spider man.  It came with gloves and a mask thing, but he just wore the outfit with super strong muscles on it. 

Ashlee was Dr. McStuffins, she loved her outfit because it has a Tu-tu and was dropping glitter like crazy!!!  

We parked our van this year and Daddy and the little doggie Brynlee stayed behind and passed out candy.  I took the kids around to all the millions of cars passing out candy.  We were still pretty new to the ward so it was a bit awkward for me, but the kids fit right in.  
We all had a good time and the kids came home with WAY TOO MUCH candy! 
Funny story from that night, whenever someone would give Ashlee something with nuts she would look at them crazy and then turn to me and yell, "Mom, they gave me nuts again!  Geezz!!!"  It was the silliest thing and all I could do was shush her and tell her it was just fine.  That girl is a firecracker!

The next day the kids' school did a costume parade.  I was able to take the day off and helped out in Ethan's class and then was able to watch the parade.  Katelee was shy as always but she really enjoyed herself.  

Ethan was his normal crazy self and loved seeing everyone else.  

Once the classes reached the end of the parade they got to sit down and watch the rest of the kids walk by....  Here is Katelee with her class.

Ethan with his class.

After a little bit I snatched the kids up and we left school early!!!  

On Halloween we put out a bowl of candy and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for their ward party.  We trick or treated inside and played games at each room for candy.  We also had dinner, which was yummy!  We still have some candy from Halloween and Daddy scored huge with all the nut candy the kids received.  He is not sad by that at all!