Monday, October 26, 2009

The Day Ethan Turned Three!

Since July it seems that Ethan has been getting excited for his birthday. In July I had to leave early from the house one day to go to breakfast for my co-worker Cindy's birthday. When I told Ethan this he said, "when it my birthday we go to breakfast too?" I told him we would thinking his birthday was still far enough away that he would forget.... Well he kinda did, but he kinda didn't. Since October 1st Ethan has been saying, "first it Grandpa's birthday then Aunt Anjali's and then it's MINE!!!" It was so much fun this year because Ethan was truly excited about his birthday. The night before his birthday he said, "I go to sleep, when I get up, it MY BIRTHDAY!" So this is what we did on his birthday:

I had to wake Ethan up around 7 so he could open presents and get both of the kids ready for the day. I gently woke Ethan up, he turned and looked at me and then jumped out of bed and said "It my BirthDAY!!!" and went running down the hall to tell Daddy. We got Katelee ready while Ethan went potty and then he was ready to open his presents We did the present opening in our bedroom, since this is where we all hang out in the mornings while Chris and I get ready for the day. Ethan was so excited to open his gifts.

Katelee sat on the bed with Ethan the whole time and seemed to love it just as much as the Birthday boy himself! He got two shirts, a coloring poster and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse car toy. (It's hard to explain, so I'm not going to try.)

After we opened presents and got dressed we headed out of the house to drop Katelee off at Grandma Blackburn's while Ethan and I headed off to Dr. Duddy's for Ethan's 3 year check up.

Katelee was wide awake and Ethan was still getting there ....

Big yawn from the Birthday Boy!
Ethan loves Dr. Duddy, so it wasn't such a bad thing for him to go on his Birthday. When the Dr. walked in Ethan said, "Dr. Duddy, today my birthday!" And then later he said, "After this, I'm going to go play with Lukey!" The Dr. told him that he was going to be getting the Hep-Booster shot and Ethan looked at me and said "I have booster seat in the car." It was too funny, he really does pay attention and pulls out words he knows. When the nurse came in Ethan sat on my lap, I told him if he was a big boy we would stop and get a Slurpee on the way to Grandma's house. So he told the nurse, "I be big boy." The nurse cleaned his arm off and gave him the shot. Ethan watched the whole thing and didn't even flinch. There were no tears, in fact Ethan looked at me and said, "I good boy, let go get Slurpee!" So we did just that, expect the gas station I stopped at didn't have Slurpee's or even slushes... So he got to pick a soda and he picked Diet Dr. Pepper. We headed back to Grandma's for breakfast and then he got to open two gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn...

He got an airplane and a Garbage Truck that makes noise drives. After that we headed over to Lukey's house. Luke is Ethan's friend from church. They both love BYU and are only 6 or so months apart. When I thought of what Ethan could do to really have fun on his birthday I thought, maybe he could get to play with some of his friends that he normally doesn't get to see that often. So I called up Luke's mom and she said we could stop by! Kids at this age are so funny when they play. They don't really play together, just by each other. Ethan and Luke did play a little football, but really Ethan just wanted to run in the grass. Ethan had so much fun at Luke's house that he threw a huge tantrum when we went to leave. I was a little embarrassed, I must admit, but Ethan was having sooo much fun! Finally I was able to bribe him with an Otter Pop from our house and he was okay with that. We stopped by our house and got a few things and then headed over to the next Fun stop for the day, his cousin Madilynn's house. Ethan loves to play with her toys because she has so many and they aren't his! Aunt Anjali and Uncle Matt got Ethan a really nice ball glove, ball and Bat. Ethan loved them and loved playing with Maddy and her friend. He once again didn't want to leave, but Uncle Matt was able to make it easier for Ethan by giving him an apple for the road. We headed back over to Grandma Blackburn's house for naps.
After Ethan's nap we waited for Grandpa to get home so Ethan could see him. Then he headed home with Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn to our house. Grandma Nelson and Grandpa Nelson came over and brought dinner, Hawaiian Haystacks, Ethan's favorite. They also brought a gift for Ethan to open...

Cowboy boots! Ethan's eyes lit up, this is what he told EVERYONE he wanted. He had to have them on instantly and even had a cowboy swagger that appeared our of nowhere! Since he got these boots he has worn them EVERY day, even to church on Sunday.
After dinner Ethan was able to blow out some candles on cupcakes Grandma Nelson had also made. When we asked him if he had a fun birthday he said, "Yeah, and next it is Ma Ma's birthday!" I think this kid likes birthdays regardless of who's it is!

Ethan I hope you had a GREAT Birthday, it was really nice staying home with you and hanging out. I sure love spending time with you and hope you enjoy hanging with your Parents too! It has been three wonderful years with you in our lives! We love you very much!


Trevino said...

I am so proud of you, your bed is made. Ethan was so much fun to spend his birthday with!! He was way excited for it!!!!

Keever Family said...

This will probably be the birthday that he remembers the most, spending the day with you! He is truly a beautiful boy! So grown up! Not the tiny thing I remember holding his first Thanksgiving!
I am embarrassed to say, my bed isn't made yet!

Hilary and Chris said...

My bed is only made because Chris makes it every morning! Sometimes I help but most of the time I don't!