Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some October Pictures!

A while ago before we had Ethan, Chris and I were coming home one night and saw a Care Bears couch out in someones garbage. I'm not a garbage lover but this couch was in perfect condition so we scooped it up. When we got home I cleaned it up real well and it became the dogs couch. After we had kids it became where we put all of Soley's toys so they were off the floor. And as you can see from this picture, it has now become the kid's couch! Ethan loves to sit on it and read books, and Katelee loves to climb all over it and also brings books over to it and sits there. One night before Katelee went to bed Ethan was reading to her. He loves to read and especially to Katelee! Of course Katelee loves to turn the pages before it's time but they don't usually get mad at each other while books are being shared! Our friends from the ward were very nice to watch the kids while Chris was set apart as the new Elders Quorum President a few weeks ago. The kids were great for Brande, (they were sleeping, thanks heavens!) so a few nights later we watched their little boy Brody, who is just so stinkin cute it shouldn't be legal! He was a great boy and the kids loved having him over, especially our little mother, Katelee.

Poor Brody had Katelee following him around the whole time. Katelee would keep pulling his Binky out and then shove it back in. Each time she did this she would then turn to me and laugh! She started getting pretty mean about it and had to be separated for a bit! But all in all she was nice and loved having a baby younger than her around the house! She is going to make a great older sister one day!

Brody was probably happy to go home and be by himself without the crazy kids around!

Ethan loved talking with Brody and would get him toys too! Ethan is really such a sweet boy most of the time! We really enjoyed having Brody over and hope he can come and play some more....

One day we went to Aunt Anna's house and she took us over the "The Farm" where they had a free pumpkin/squash festival. This place in really just a farm with crazy looking chickens, turkeys and a mini horse but the kids had fun none the less!

Here is a picture of me and two of the loves of my life!
Here is one of the GIANT turkeys there. This thing was so big it had cankles and was having problems breathing. Seriously, after having seen this thing I don't feel too bad eating so much turkey! He looked like he was about to POP!

Ethan and Katelee loved the turkeys and the chickens. Ethan kept putting his hands on the fence and I could have swore the silly turkey was going to gobble them up!

I like how in this picture they are both looking at the turkey like it's going to come through the gate and get them!

Here is a picture of Grandma and Katelee.

And here is Aunt Anna and Ethan in the hay maze! Luckily they didn't get lost....

And here is Ethan having the time of his life on the tractor. He just sat there and felt like a real big boy! While we where there Grandma got Ethan some pumpkin chips that he loved and then at the very end she got him a pickle, which he REALLY loved. It was a lot of fun and even more fun that it was free! Thank you Aunt Anna for taking us, we had a blast! And this is just some stuff we did in October!


Heidi said...

That's the same farm we went to!! You can't beat free...even if it was pretty cheesy!! And it looks like you have a mother hen on your hands...girls are just born that way!! =)

Blackett's Blog said...

Is Ethan wearing a BYU shirt? Because I thought your dad was a big UTE fan. I need an explanation

Hilary and Chris said...

Chris is the BYU fan in this house, however Ethan does have both teams clothing.... However whenever football is on he says "Go cougars!" We have a family in our ward that are HUGE BYU fans and their sons are Ethan's friends.... So I think he will be a BYU fan....