Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finishing Halloween.....

Okay so we are a little behind on all the pictures we have, but here is the last post on Halloween... I hope! So on the 29th of October Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique had their annual Pumpkin Carving Party and of course we were all excited to go. Chris grabbed two pumpkins this year, one for Katelee and one for Ethan! We drove all the way over to their house and the party started. Ethan and Katelee both love that house because Aunt Anna lets them get into whatever they want! So we ate dinner which was a chili cook-off and then we carved some pumpkins. Chris did the carving for us and they turned out cute. After the carving the "witch" came out for all the kids to beat on!Katelee was quite intrigued by the whole process of the kids lining up to hit the witch.
And this is Ethan REALLY excited to go!

Some of the other little kids there were afraid of the witch, but of course not my daughter. Give her something to hit with and she will hit anything. She kind of just held the stick but she was able to hit it a few times.
Then our aggressive little man went and gave that witch a few good hits. He was quite entertaining!
While Ethan was waiting in line he would cheer for everyone else and get excited for them when they got a good hit in!
Finally way past bedtime we headed home. This is what out pumpkins looked like.
Chris made Katelee's with some big buck teeth to match her teeth! In the process of carving all the pumpkins we lost the top to Ethan's pumpkin!
The next night our ward had a trunk'or'treat that we attended. Katelee dressed up as a Princess (that she already is) and Ethan dressed up as a BYU football player. While waiting in line someone asked why Ethan dressed up as a Loser and I just had to smile!(BYU had just lost to TCU the weekend before, by quite a few!) Ethan's friend from nursery and older brother were dressed up as BYU Football players too. Their younger brother was dressed up as a Cougar and had a Jersey on over it to be Cosmo! Ethan went trick-or-treating with his 'team' and the little Princess got to ride with Cosmo in their stroller, or carriage! Ethan received a whole bunch of candy and had a load of fun!
Ethan wore his helmet almost all night long and was even slapping his own helmet and his other teammates all night long! The next night we also went to another Trunk'or'Treat at my brother and sister-in-law's ward, where Ethan racked in even more candy that we still have at our house! Aren't these two cute? Happy Halloween to EVERYONE out there! Hope you guys had as much fun as we did this Halloween!

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