Friday, November 13, 2009

I Love my Husband!

I just found these pictures from my work Christmas party last year and thought I'd post them with a few reasons why I love my Husband! #1-I love to talk and my husband is always willing to listen to me go on and on! Even if he isn't paying the best attention he never tells me to be quiet. He listens to my random thoughts and ideas and sometimes he even agrees with them. I can always vent to my husband about anything and he will always take me side, unless I'm completely off base!
#2 He will dance with me when I ask (make) him. When we were dating we'd often go to parties at our friends house. There was always dancing and anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to dance. I might be white, but I pretend like I know how to dance. Chris would sit back and let me dance. He never got embarrassed by my crazy dancing and would come dance or hang out with us for at least one song. He lets me be who I am and doesn't criticize me for it! Thanks Babe, one day we'll have to take some formal dancing classes and dance in our living room!
#3 He keeps me laughing and hates to see me sad. I'm often emotional these days, I blame that on kids. Before I had them I was a rock, no emotions from this girl, but now-a-days it's a different story. Chris is always good at keeping me positive and making me laugh.
#4 He wants the best for me and the kids. He is constantly trying to do his best at making sure all of us are taken care of. He loves to spoil me and I know it bothers him that I don't let him most of the time. If Chris had his way, he'd get me everything I ever asked for or ever wanted!
#5 He is a good Dad. I don't feel like I can't leave him with the kids. He knows how to change the poopy diapers just as well as I do. He knows how to get the kids to go to sleep. He knows how to play with them and keep them happy. Whenever I'm away from them I know they are okay with Chris. He's not afraid of being alone with them, and that makes me feel good while I am away from them.
#6 He makes me try harder to be a better person. He doesn't do this one on purpose and this may come as a surprise to him, but I try to be the best wife and mother I can because I want to make him happy. I want him to be proud of his wife and her accomplishments. He has made me a stronger person and I appreciate that very much.

#7 And last but not least, he's a great kisser!
These are just a few reasons why I love my husband and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him! Love you babe!

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