Friday, November 21, 2008

Flash Back Friday-The Days Before Kids!

Oh the days before kids! This is a picture of Chris and I at a work event. Don't do many of those any more. Before kids I could stay at work as late as I needed to without feeling bad about having someone watch my kids for too long. I could go to work events without really planning ahead of time. I didn't have to be home at 7 each night, or on a good day 8! I could do my hair nicely every morning and still be on time! But before kids I didn't have an excuse why my house was a mess, my hair wasn't done or why I have to leave work early! Oh Kids, aren't they great??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The mother of a GIRL?

Honestly when I found out I was going to have a girl, I was not that excited! But the more girlie stuff that we got the more excited I got! I love dressing her in cute girlie stuff! Sunday she wore this dress and these leg warmers and don't forget the headband! Chris is so funny when he picks her clothes out. Even picking out her pj's takes him a while. He'll come down stairs with a few options because they were all so cute he couldn't make up his mind! I must admit I do love dressing our little girl, I'm just not looking forward to doing her hair some day! :)

The Kids

Ethan looks just like his Daddy! (They Say)
Katelee looks just like her Mommy! (They Say)

Together they look like a future Tag Team! Start praying for our sanity now, we'll need it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Flash Back-One Year Ago

This is what our little boy looked like one year ago! It's amazing how time goes by so fast!

One Year ago that little boy couldn't tell me Uhhh NO....

One year ago this little boy had me worried to death.....

It has been one year and this boy can still make me smile and cry at the same time!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Katelee and Maddy

Maddy and Anjali came over the other night for dinner. While we were eating Maddy got into Katelee's other seat and was just hanging out! Maddy is 10 months older! Aren't they cute! Still can't believe that Matt and Anjali's girl has blue eyes and blonde hair! What a cutie pie!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bigger Katelee

Katelee and Ethan had a Dr. apt on Thursday! The Dr. has been worried about Kateelee and her weight! Our Dr. really likes Fat babies, and Katelee just wasn't keeping up with the 1/2 oz. a day! Apparently she wansn't getting enough when she nursed becasue she is a lazy eater, or as the consultant calls it a "gourmet" eater. So she now gets bottles and is forced to eat. Well it paid off because she is nearly 9lbs! She gained over a pound in two weeks and grew a 1/2 inch. I was so happy that she is gaining weight. Her cheeks are getting bigger and that makes me very happy! She is now what Ethan was when he was born!

My Two Sweathearts!!!!

I don't even know what to put here! Aren't they cute??? I just love these kids so much! I couldn't ask for cuter kids. Sometimes Ethan gets really crazy (any of you that have seen him will think that was a little bit of an under statement!) And Katelee loves to gets us up at night, but then I look at them and just couldn't imagine my life without them! The other night Chris and I actually went on a date! The date went like this!
Dinner at Olive Garden (we split a meal, but both got sodas!)
Walked around JoAnn's and actually bought some scrapbooking stuff (had a 40% off coupon)
Then last... We went to the grocery store! (we only really go about once a month)
Wow, what having kids does to your dates! We were so excited to get out of the house! It didn't matter what we were doing! :) I love being a mother and wouldn't ask for anything else!

Halloween is FINALLY Over!

My Little Pooh and Tigger! Ethan wore this Tigger outfit for his First Halloween too! It was a little too big, but she didn't mind!

Here is my Little Pooh, if you look close you can see that he is wearing his Elmo slippers! Silly Boy!

Katelee got quite a few Halloween outfits so we had to start a few days early so she could wear them all! I just loved the little slippers!

Ethan's Birthday Party!

Does my son not look like Hugh Hefner? Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn got him the PJ's and Aunt Anjali and Uncle Matt got him the slippers. He loves the slippers so much he never wants to take them off!
Uncle Matt with Ethan and his new slippers

Blowing out the candles. Don't look at me, Ethan was really the one to blow them out!

Ethan's Elmo cake. When we were growing up my mother made our cakes. We never got the store bought one! My mother put so much work and time into our cakes, that I now can appreciate! I have decided to carry on this tradition. Last year Ethan had a Pirate cake, Elmo was much easier!