Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Katelee

This is a little old, but too cute not to put on here.

Katelee was fired up and we had been wrestling a bit. She ran over and got her brothers Spider man Cap and put it on and was acting like a monster in it. It was so funny I had to record it, but you know when you record something with kids in it, it never comes out quite as cute... But it will do!

(Sorry for my breathing, guess I was a little out of breath from wrestling!)

Letters to Santa

Chris had finals for a whole week which left me and the kids at home at night alone quite a bit. I tried to come up with as many activities as I could to keep all three of us sane. One of these activities was to write letters to Santa. I laugh to myself as I think of writing these letters when I was younger. We would be so specific as to what item we wanted, what page it was on and in what catalog, just in case Santa wasn't exactly sure! Since the kids can't quite 'write' a letter I told them to draw what they wanted. Ethan's letter involved two huge circles which were tires for the big truck he wanted and some other crazy lines and scribbles that was a trailer. Katelee's was a bunch of tight little scribbles which were baby dolls! When we were done I put the letters in an envelope and took it to work the next day to mail off to Santa! I love how they are both so intent on their letters! Oh how I love these kids and their Christmas excitement!

2010 Christmas Tree Decorating

December 13, 2010

For family home evening one Monday we put up our tree and decorated it. I have such fond memories of decorating our tree growing up I want my kids to have those as well. We cheat by having a fake tree that is already lighted, but I think they get the point. (Although putting the lights on a Pinion Pine hurts like crazy and I think all kids should experience it at least one time!) Ethan and Katelee were so excited this year and were actually pretty good at it. My parents were there as well as Grandma Nelson. We ate dinner and then let the decorating begin....Katelee did pretty good most of the time. Many ornaments I handed her were not good enough for her and she would demand other ones, but she put them on the tree pretty well!
Ethan was pretty particular about where his ornaments went and loved hanging up the sports ones! All boy, he is!
We had a pretty good system this year. We let the kids put theirs where they wanted and Chris and I put ours up higher where the kids couldn't reach. Our tree is a bit lopsided with a majority of the decorations towards the bottom, but the bottom is bigger and needs more, right?
Then staying true to our tradition, Daddy held the kids up so they could put up the star. I'm not sure how he is going to do this next year, but it should be fun and scary all at the same time!

Side story: Ethan helped me put up the icicles and would ask for either red or silver. I thought that was funny, until he showed me his decorations. He had been placing them in order on ONE branch at the back of the tree. Poor branch was pretty weighed down, but he was sure proud. About a week later this poor little branch had even more ornaments on it, as they magically would move to this location! Silly kid!

And here is our family picture in front of our decorated tree. Guess you can't really see the tree, but the star looks good and we are all smiling so I'd say it was successful!

After decorating our tree, our house was filled with the excited spirit of Christmas! Funny how one tree full of lights and ornaments can do that to everyone in the house!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hilary, Did You Know?

With the Christmas season comes Christmas music on the radio. It usually drives me crazy, but I have been listening to a different channel that plays the non-traditional Christmas songs. This has been good for me, because honestly the typical, commercial Christmas songs drive me crazy. Call me a Scrooge, but there are only so many times in my lifetime that I can hear a song and enjoy it. Anyways back to the point of the post. There have been about three different songs this year that I've heard at work and been lost in thought about the lyrics. These three songs are: Breath of Heaven, Mary Did You Know and Joseph's Lullaby. Just a few lines from these songs that I really enjoy and have pondered on are:

Breath of Heaven
I am frightened by the load I bear in a world as cold as stone.
I guess being pregnant during this season has given me a bit of a different prospective on Mary and what went on. Being pregnant with this baby and with Katelee and Ethan I often wondered, "how are we going to raise these kids in this crazy messed up world?" This song kinda gives me renewed energy and hope that perhaps Mary had some of the same questions and concerns I do clear back then. Being a Mother is a load I could have never imagined before having kids. It's amazing how when you have that first child you can literally feel the weight of your responsibility settle on your shoulders.
Be with me, be with me now
Breath of Heaven hold me together, be forever near me
I often pray that I might be worthy of having the spirit with me at all times. Even if it is something simple like keeping my patience when the kids wont stop jumping on their beds instead of sleeping. I know it's possible to have his help in all things, it's just hard sometimes to realize or remember that he can help with the simplest of things as well.
Do you wonder as you watch my face if a wiser one should have had my place?
I have been blessed with two beautiful children (so far) of our Heavenly Father and I often wonder after I have done something not so Christlike if he is looking at me thinking, "Oh come on Hilary, you are so much better than this, teach my children better!" Although I'm pretty sure he expects more of me, I feel like he is overall pleased with most of the stuff I do...
You have come and chosen me now to carry your son.
Mary was chosen to carry the Savior of the world. What was I chosen to carry? I was chosen to carry the future leaders of the church, world, missionaries, examples and Mothers and Fathers of my grandchildren. That to me is a pretty big responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Joseph's Lullaby
Go to sleep my Son This manger for your bed You have a long road before You Rest Your little head
Joseph, oh Joseph, where do I start. What a humble man. What a great guy. He didn't have to accept Mary and baby Jesus. But he did and he raised Jesus as his own child. Passing on his knowledge and talents to him. I can't help but feel a sense of love for Joseph as I think of him holding this precious baby in his arms and singing to him, kissing him and watching him fall asleep.
I believe the glory of Heaven Is lying in my arms tonight Lord, I ask that He for just this moment Simply be my child
Joseph was a spiritual man, he had seen an angel and knew that one day Jesus would carry the load of this world on his shoulders. I'm sure he shared in Mary's stress and anguish over these thoughts as he saw Jesus grow. I'm sure he often begged in prayer that his son could just be a normal boy.. What parent wouldn't?
Go to sleep my Son Baby, close Your eyes Soon enough You'll save the day But for now, dear Child of mine Oh my Jesus, Sleep tight
These lyrics are so sweet to me I just had to include them. My mother often told us as kids to stop growing up, to stay the age we were forever. I'm sure Mary and Joseph felt this same way because they knew that all too soon Jesus would be grown and carry a load they could not imagine!
Mary Did You Know
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new? This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you.
I can't help but relate this song to me directly. "Hilary did you know that your children will come to make you new? That your children will come and change who you are FOREVER? Did you know that you delivering them will make you into who you were meant to be?" I had no clue, honestly, that my children could change me so much. Because I am a mother I feel closer to that person I'd like to be when I meet my Maker again. Because of my children I understand feelings I never knew I could or even ones I never knew existed. So although my children are not the Savior of Mankind, they have still saved me and made me into a better person and I will owe them for the rest of my life and into eternity!
Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod? And when you kiss your little baby, you have kissed the face of God.
This one is easier to picture when they are so fresh from Heaven, when they are hours or even weeks old... But no matter their age they all came from the same place. They all walked where angels walked, they have all been kissed by their Father in Heaven!
How grateful I am for the moments I have been given to really listen to these songs and ponder on them. They have given me a new resolve for my own life and motherhood! How grateful I am for Mary, for being such a virtuous girl, for being willing to accept this challenge and for raising our Savior in a manner pleasing to our Father in Heaven. How thankful I am for Joseph, for taking this responsibility on and taking care of both Mary and Jesus. I'm thankful for my savior, for his humble entrance into this world and his profound exit. I'm grateful for the Shepard's and wise man that sought him out and set the example of constantly following the light until we see our Savior face to face! How thankful I am for this season where we get to spend a little extra time thinking of Christ!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

30 Weeks

(This is a shirt my sister is letting me borrow... She wore this at 9 months, not sure it will stretch that far for me...)So I am officially 30 weeks, which means exactly 7 months! Woo Hoo! I cannot believe how fast it has flown by, well after the first 12 weeks that is! Things are still going great. I feel great, I'm not too uncomfy and I'm sleeping well. (Unless it's a night the kids decide not to sleep well, but pregnancy has nothing to do with that one!) I stopped running per my SPT (student of physical therapy), Christopher Nelson. I have been having an interesting pain in my upper thigh that he is convinced is from using new muscles from the way I'm waddling now and also my increased weight! So I now just walk on the treadmill, at a more rapid speed. I find walking to be more enjoyable, but I think it's just because I actually get to read instead of just listen to my music. I feel some what productive and don't get so bored while I read! Katelee and Ethan are still VERY excited about baby Ashlee and I can't say I feel any different then they do. Katelee loves to see my belly, kiss my belly and pat (slap) my belly. Ethan loves up on my belly all the time and I'm pretty sure this baby will be quite familiar with their voices when she finally gets out. Just a few random and unimportant facts about this pregnancy:
1. Baby Ashlee loves the right side of my belly. My other kids did as well, but not as obvious as this one! I am most times very lopsided and to me it looks pretty silly. The other day at the Dr's while laying down for measurements it was very obvious where the baby was, even the Dr. made a comment.
2. I think this baby will be able to defend herself. She often will push out and I'll push back in. We'll go on like this for minutes, sometimes, and I think it's helping her prepare for her life with Ethan and Katelee!
3. With Ethan and Katelee by now I was measuring big... But with this little lady I'm measuring right on track. I'm sure me eating better, getting in normal work outs and being more active having two other kids to chase is helping that out. I also had one month with Ethan and Katelee where I gained 10-12 pounds, however the top for one month with this baby has been 4 pounds... Pretty good if you ask me.
4. There are times I forget I'm pregnant until I try to fit somewhere I can't, or look down and see my belly and remember oh yeah! I know it sounds crazy to forget I'm pregnant, it's just that I feel normal most of the time. Of course I never forget I'm pregnant when I'm waddling down the hall or climb the stairs and have to catch my breath.
5. I had a short 1-3 weeks filled with anxiety about being the mother of 3 children, but I'm feeling a little better about it. At that time the kids were taking turns being sick and getting up in the middle of the night. On top of that Chris was sick and not sleeping well and that kept me up as well. Each morning I'd wake completely exhausted and think, "How on earth am I going to get up with a newborn multiple times a night, and on top of that, how am I going to take care of Ethan and Katelee in the middle of the night if I'm with the baby???" Things have settled down a bit and I know Chris will help out, if I'd wake him up, so my anxiety has decreased a bit. Having three kids is still daunting, but I'm more excited than any other emotion now, so that is good!
6. I can eat pretty much anything I want and have no problems. This includes spicy and greasy foods. It's been great and my allergies have been very much under control while pregnant. Usually this time of year means I can't wear my contacts because my eyes get so bad, but I'm doing great!!
I know eventually I will get very uncomfortable and want this baby to come sooner than later, but for now I'm pretty good with her staying in my belly. I am very excited to see what she looks like and who she takes after more, but that is all stuff I can wait to find out!

Friday, December 3, 2010

One Day....

There are many things I have a dream of 'one day' being able to have. Most of them are simple things such as:
*Staying home with my kids and not having to work
*Having enough money to keep my hair blond
*Having a laundry room and not a laundry hallway
*Having a bedroom big enough for all of our furniture
*Having an office that doesn't have to double as a babies room
*Having a room for just toys
I wouldn't say they are too demanding, Selfish maybe, but not demanding. While I'm working on being less selfish it hasn't quite happened yet. Because one day I hope to have a garage that we can park both cars in and a room inside the house to use the treadmill. Below is what I get to look at when I decide to get on the treadmill and exercise....
I don't know what I find more exciting to stare at while running, the blank wall, the pipe thing to the right sticking out, the pipe thing in the middle sticking out, the smashed cricket half way down the wall (not visible in this picture) or the sticky note taped over the display so I don't get down when I see I have only run so many minutes, miles or my speed!
I know I should be grateful that my parents were kind enough to let me borrow their treadmill at all. It might be an old one, but it folds up and does it's job! During this time of year and since having kids it is nice to be able to go in the garage and run while the kids are in bed and/or it's dark outside. I do appreciate actually having a treadmill at my house it's just one I'd really like to have in it's own room in my house with maybe a TV to watch instead of a wall...
One positive thing to having the treadmill in the garage... Ethan loves to hang out in there with me while I do run! He gets his dad's laptop and watches videos while I run my ever growing belly crazy!!! Poor boy though, this is his set up while I run...
Don't you like the nice laptop stand (ice cooler) and his comfy rocking chair?? Not much room for anything else, but for now I guess it's just right!!!