Friday, October 22, 2010

22 Weeks....

Just a quick update on this pregnancy... I am now 22 weeks and I'm feeling great. By the end of the day I'm tired and a bit achy but really what else is new! I feel that way when I'm not pregnant too! This baby seems to be a bit more active than my other two, but it could just be my memory or lack of! Every morning when I wake up I can feel this little girl moving around, probably trying to get me out of bed and when I lay down at night without fail between 10:00-10:15 she goes crazy! I know it might sound crazy but I absolutely love it! I have found myself putting my hands on my stomach just so I can feel it from both sides a lot more this time than last. I also will grab just about any ones hand and try to get them to feel her move too!
Ethan and Katelee attack my belly every night when I get home and multiple times after that. Katelee is never satisfied with my shirt and pants covering the baby and will pull my shirt up and my pants down every time just so she can touch my skin and kiss it! (She has tried this multiple times at church or in public... luckily I can usually tell when she is going to try it and I can prevent it... So far...) When I get tired of that I just have to say, "Ok, time for baby to go night night!" And Katelee will cover me back up! So cute! Ethan loves this baby so much and it is so sweet to watch him. He always hugs my belly and kisses and says "I love you baby!" The other night we were asking him if he liked the name Ashlee and he said "it's ok" then we asked if he liked Elizabeth and he said "yeah." Then a few minutes later I asked him for a hug and kiss before he went upstairs to bed. He hugged me and then kissed my belly and said, "I love you Ashlee Elizabeth!" I have been going back and forth on the name but when he said it out loud it just sounded right and I loved it more when I heard Ethan say it!!! I really think Ethan gets it, he gets that he is going to be a big brother again and he is really excited about it! It is so much fun to see him excited and so in love with this little unseen baby already! When we got the ultrasound done he couldn't get enough of seeing the baby. He would even show people that came over the pictures of him baby sister!
I can eat anything I want and usually not have any problems... I really don't have many cravings except for (and don't judge) the buffalo chicken sandwich from Hooters. It is so good and it just hits the spot... But being that I only go there for their lunch specials I haven't had one in a while! Anyways, early in pregnancy I craved or I guess it was more of, I tolerated Top Roman and Pop Corn, but now it's really just a matter of what will make the hunger go away! I have actually been exercising with this pregnancy and that feel pretty good. I'm not running nearly as far or long as I was before, but I still feel pretty good about it. Sometimes I look at my belly and think, "I'm really going to get bigger than this???" But I guess that is normal with all of us girls, we hate to see our waistlines expand... and expand and do it some more!!! :)
This pregnancy has been great and so exciting. My old(er) age has really made my focus change from the pain and annoyances that come from carrying a child to Joy and amazement... I still cannot phathom how wonderful and unbelieveable it is that my body, my inperfect body, can create a perfect human in just 9 short months! Everything from lungs, heart, liver, ears, toes and a cute little mouth are created and formed from something so small that it cannot be seen with the eye. I also find it amazing how all of these body parts work together to make blood flow, oxygen move and my baby smile... Chris will tell me little tid bits about the human body and how it all works and I am even more in ahhh!
I also find it amazing how I love this little thing inside of me with every ounce of my heart already! I love imagining what she will look like and who she will take after more and so much more! I love carrying a miracle around with me and then seeing the other ones when I get home... Oh how I love being pregnant and able to create and carry this child! Seriously the joys of motherhood don't start when the child is born but when she is conceived...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Touro White Coat Ceremony-October 17, 2010

On Sunday we had the opportunity of going to Chris' White coat Ceremony for Touro's DPT, DO and PA classes. (since Touro University is a private Jewish school pretty much all functions are held on Sunday since most of Saturday is their sabbath) Since learning about this ceremony a few months back Chris and I have had very mixed emotions. We really didn't see the use in it since his class had already began clinical's and he wasn't graduating yet... But as it got closer I guess it took on a little bit of more meaning such as, a physical milestone in Chris' schooling and something official to celebrate!
Since the Ceremony started at 3:00pm at the Bally's Event Center Chris went to the Desert Inn Ward and the kids and I went to our ward and left early to be there on time. When we finally got there after walking what seemed like miles I couldn't believe how many people were actually there already! We were able to see Chris really quick before he was rushed off to get in line. As I looked for what I felt would be the best seat for us I couldn't help but feel a little swelling in my heart for my sweet husband. This was not just some little production put on by the school, it was HUGE!!! I got a picture of the podium before it started, because believe me you could hardly see the podium from our seats. I found my in-laws who were smack dab in the middle and handed off the camera to them so they could get some better photos! They started the ceremony with all of the faculty and then the students walking in. Chris seemed so serious and I got choked up watching him walk down the aisle with his coat draped over his arm. We got his attention and he finally smiled, I think he was also choking back emotion and didn't want to crack!
This is a picture of the DPT students and the PA students. The DPT students from Chris' class are in the front row. (Chris is right in the middle, the whitest one there!) The second row is the DPT class after Chris' and the others are the PAs. As you can see the middle was a ways away and that is just where the in-laws were. The kids and my family were clear on the far left of here! I snapped some pictures from my in-laws spot and then handed off the camera and headed over to my spot so I could video tape.
I was really impressed with the speakers, they gave good talks and kept them short! Thank heavens because there were a million names to be read and a million jackets to be put on! (Ok I do exaggerate a bit, but only a bit!) Chris' class was first to be "coated." As they started reading off the names you could hear a few cheers, nothing too loud. I debated in my mind if I wanted to be the crazy wife I normally am and be loud... I contemplated how Chris would feel about it and when his name was read my instinct took over and I yelled quite loud. Needless to say I am pretty loud and it was pretty quite in that huge room and Chris heard me loud and clear as well as everyone else! I got quite a few chuckles from the crowd and the DO students, but I was one proud wife and have no shame! I must say after my loudness people started getting louder and it soon became the norm, so thanks to me people actually cheered for the people they came for!

Chris as his name was read....
Chris getting his coat put on! He put his coat on with such ease it looked natural to me! You should have seen some of these people trying to put their coats on. One girl actually just held her arms out and didn't move. Hilarious!!! After being "coated" they then took the PTs oath and I thought that was pretty cool!
After about another hour and a half of names being read and coats being put on the ceremony concluded. The kids were excited, the grandparents thrilled, me restless, the iPad relieved and Matt and Anjali already gone (they were the smart ones). The students all marched out and then we were able to go greet our hero of the day and take pictures!
These are two proud parents. Without their support I don't know where Chris would be today. They have done so much for him and for our family it's unbelievable! I can't wait for Chris to graduate so they can be even more proud of him!!!
And these are two very proud in-laws. My dad said he loves being able to "see" accomplishments and I think this was a perfect example of that. Once again I don't know where we would be without these parents as well. They help out in so many different ways I can't even begin to list them here!
And can I just tell you how proud this wife is of her husband! I am fighting back tears just typing this post. Chris has been an amazing student. Studying into the wee hours of the morning and still helping out with the kids. I'm sure he'd rather be studying more, but he is always willing to help this momma out! He does the best he can and tries the best he can to be a good student and an excellent father and husband. He truly loves to help people out and I just know he will be a great PT one day!!!.
And lastly here is our little family on the special occasion! The kids were glad to see their daddy and Katelee was anxious to get out of this place. It's funny to think that when Chris does graduate we will have an extra little body in this picture! It's really not that far away! Pretty exciting and crazy all at the same time!
Before this whole ceremony I would tell people what we were doing and just kinda shrug my shoulders about it. But after having experienced it I feel a sense of accomplishment for not only Chris but our whole family. We have so many people supporting us and encouraging us that this is a milestone for all of us! So since the white coat is full of symbolism, so is the ceremony. It symbolises accomplishment, hard work, sacrifice and more work to come for not only Chris but for our whole family! Congrats babe on getting your white coat, we love you and look forward to your graduation ceremony next!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Jesus

My kids have gotten pretty competitive lately and everything is "My!" Such as, "My Mommy, My Daddy, My juice, My toy!" I think you get the point. While we were in Utah we took the kids down to Temple Square for FHE. I remember going there when I was young and absolutely loving the statue of Jesus Christ in the visitors center. Well it just so happens that the original sculpture was created by an Icelandic man and the original is located in Chris' mission! Needless to say this family loves this statue and has a smaller version on display in our living room. When we got to the sculpture there were two missionaries with a couple in the middle of the presentation so we quietly sat down and just looked from the bench. The kids were so well behaved I was shocked. After the presentation I let the kids get closer. Pretty soon loud as can be Katelee said, "MY JESUS!!!" The kids were not arguing, Katelee was simply stating a fact! Oh how I felt such love in my heart for my kids! I didn't have to correct her because that IS her Jesus! Ethan then told us about how Jesus died for us and my heart swelled more! Amazing how quickly kids can bring the spirit into our day, how easily they do it! How happy it makes me feel to know that they can recognize who their savior is and remember stories we have told them! I just love this picture, I love the way they are both looking up at Jesus, I love the reverence they displayed and the look in their eyes as they gazed upward!
They know who he is and I hope they never forget that!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Memorable Moment

Today I had a very memorable moment that I'd like to remember and so I am writing about it. I have often felt like I have not enough sympathy for those that are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and would do anything for them, but sometimes I lack the emotional sympathy. I can't say I get this from a parent, because they are both amazingly sympathetic. And I must admit that since having kids I have gotten so much better, it is a weakness that I have been working on since I got married.... Anyways back to my story. Today I was sitting in the break room when a co-worker came in and started crying. We are not the closest co-workers but we are still friends. She had just received the results of her four year old daughters MRI results. They told her that her daughter had water on the brain. Her heart was broken, her spirits thrashed. I immediately stood and gave her a hug and tried my best to think of something that would make her feel better. She went and sat on the couch and I sat at the table. As she cried I had a small little voice tell me that I needed to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. I looked at her and thought how am I going to mourn with her? What does that mean? How do I comfort her, what could I possibly do to comfort this poor mother? My heart was pounding, what was my role or duty, and how could I accomplish it? After a minute or so I started asking questions like, what made you guys get an MRI and what kind of Doctor was it that ran the tests? Why I asked these kinds of questions I don't know, but she really opened up and told me all about their experience so far. She started to calm down a bit and focus on the story. After that I expressed my knowledge that our God is a loving God and that he doesn't give us any challenge we cannot handle. I told her it's ok to cry and to cry all she wanted. I told her that she was strong, her daughter was strong, her family was strong and they would make it through this challenge. There were many more things we discussed and honestly I can't remember them all. I felt some of the tension leave the room as we talked more and I felt a good sense of fulfillment. So many times my reaction would have been to tell her everything would be just fine and there was nothing to worry about, but this time my compassion was taken to a new level. I mourned with her and not just for her, I wanted to take a portion of her pain on myself to relieve her of that hurt! We are asked to simply mourn with those that mourn, not solve all their problems. We are ask to comfort those that need our comfort, not judge them or belittle their issues! We are not asked to do much, just to do our best to help out! This mother's life was forever changed today and I can't help but feel grateful that I was able to be there for her. That I was able to wipe tears as they fell, hug her, cry with her and listen to her as she talked her issues through. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to be about my father's duty and for the prompting to do so. So many times I might have just left her alone and figured that would be better than the awkward silence and tears. How great it is to know that our Father in Heaven loves us and that he will send someone to help out if we need it. What a great opportunity I was blessed with today, one that I hope not to forget soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Katelee's Latest

I know Katelee turned two last month, but I'm just now getting around to her stats! Daddy was able to take Katelee to her two year appointment and so that is the reason for the vague details.
Height: Not sure but she is in the 90th Percentile
Weight: 26lbs which is the 30-40th Percentile
Head: Not sure, but it's ok
BMI: 30th Percentile
Our little lady is still considered Skinny and Tall but the Dr. said she is doing just fine! It is funny to see Katelee around some other kids her age, most of the time she is quite a bit taller, don't know where she gets this from but I like it! Katelee has outgrown her cousin that is about a year older, but Maddy is a very tiny little lady! Katelee still has a mind of her own and has never been afraid to express it! When she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't! When you give her two choices she will pick the one that you really would rather her not. For instance, every night we invite Katelee to join us for family prayer or go up to her room and not get a book that night. What does our little girl decide to do? Go upstairs and show you she just doesn't care what you do to her! Makes me smile every time she choices her room and no book over kneeling down with us for a few minutes. I love how stubborn this cutie can be! She takes after one of her parents for sure....
Katelee loves to play outside and do the things that her big brother does! She loves to be chased, loves to chase and even loves to wrestle. She is quite aggressive and noticeably grinds her teeth together when she is trying to wrestle you down to the ground! She gives Ethan a run for his money and keeps it coming until Mom or Dad decide it has gone on long enough! She loves to wear her Minnie Mouse shirt or Elmo pants. She loves to wear her cowgirl boats but also loves her sandals. Katelee allows us to do her hair every morning, but only willingly if she gets some gummy worms! Usually her ponytails don't last too long and then her hair looks even worse. When I ask her to lean her head back she will and never complains about how hard I might brush to get her snarles out, I think Daddy complains about it more than her. I just tell him it's something she will just have to get use to!

At night she loves to be read to and then sang to before being put down. If you ask her what song to sing she will say, "Sun" meaning Sunbeam,"Star" meaning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, "God" meaning Child of God or "Baby" meaning Rock of my Baby! She sleeps with her stuffed Woody doll, Little Doggie, Baby Seal and anything else she decides would be fun to have. Lately she has been waking up extremely early and calling, "Ephan, Ephan!" until Ethan wakes up and they can play. Two morning this weekend she was our of her crib when we went into their room. According to Ethan, she climbs out of her crib onto the drawers and then he helps her get down from there! What a great big brother!

Katelee loves to make people laugh and will do just about anything for a giggle. She is very good at getting Ethan to laugh and he does quite well with her as well! Many dinners will be interrupted to Katelee making funny sounds and cracking herself up until Ethan joins in the festivities! On the drive to Utah Katelee got a bit bored and decided to put her blanket on her head and make funny sounds! I must admit, it was pretty funny! Anytime you get a camera out Katelee will cheese and then ask to see the photo!
When Katelee throws fits she throws fits and they are amazing. She screams louder than anything I've ever heard, she hits walls and loves to kick things. If you are within reach she will hit you or kick you or even try to bite you! Lovely I know, but we just laugh at her or encourage her to hit harder, kick harder or yell louder. (I honestly don't think she could yell louder, but she tries!) She isn't a very good eater, she just plays with her food most times. Sometimes she chows down but that isn't too often! She does however love fruit and will eat it until she is sick! The other day Daddy put her on a two day break from grapes, apparently she digest them quite fast and dirty! She still loves her baby dolls and usually treats them pretty well! She loves real babies even more and it makes me very nervous for poor baby #3 and me! My poor niece, Emily, probably doesn't really know what Katelee looks like because she is always right in Emily's face! But she knows how to make her laugh!
One last thing, I was given a complement I still have never gotten about Ethan. The other day at church I dropped Kate off at nursery and the leader told me how well behaved she was. How she just did whatever they told her to and went with the flow. She never cries and always participates! And then she said, "It's nice to have at least one perfect kid in nursery!" I was shocked, my attitude filled daughter is perfect? I must say I wore a smile the rest of the day! Katelee is our little spitfire and on some days her bed time does not come soon enough! No matter how crazy she is we wouldn't want her any other way! Love you Katelee!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby #3 is....

Healthy and already beautiful!!! Ok, I know I'm the mother and would think that about an alien child, but seriously I fell in love at first sight.... Even if SHE is all crazy looking! We went in for my 20 week ultrasound this week and after about 4 months of deliberation we decided to find out what the sex was. Chris was determined to figure it out and I was on the fence. We already have a boy and a girl so we had everything we needed... The deciding factor for me was the fact that I could get the washing and setting up completed before the baby came instead of doing it after the baby arrived! Me being the person that likes things planned and easy as possible decided to find out and start getting ready! Chris had the day off of school and was able to join me. Usually my mom comes with us as well but she was out of town and my mother-in-law was watching the kids. It was just Chris and I and I was pretty anxious. Not just to find out what sex I was carrying but most importantly to find out if all was well! I have been feeling the baby move for a few weeks now, but I just needed this visual confirmation that all was good!
I laid back on the table and the exam was started. When I saw the beating heart I cried, that has never happened before, perhaps with age I'm realizing I'm not as invincible as I use to be... Of course with the 20 week ultrasound the technician is looking to make sure EVERYTHING is good and after about 3 or so minutes she apologized for it being boring and that she would get to the good stuff soon. I just giggled and told her just seeing my baby's heartbeat was good for me and to take her time. Apparently most mother's are not as patient and after that she was super nice and talked about everything she was seeing and even went into the details for Chris! Finally the good stuff came of seeing the face and the arms and legs and little fists and then the sex. She paused the screen to see if Chris could figure it out, but I said it for him. (three little lines=girl!) I can't tell you why but tears started streaming down my cheeks!!! Was I excited for a girl or just wishing it was a boy? I cannot tell you because I do not know.... I guess I truly was just hoping for a healthy baby, no matter what sex.
I have a friend who is having her fourth boy... if you would have asked me before Katelee came along I would have told you I never wanted any girls, but now it's a different story. First off Katelee is so darn special to me I would never wish for her to not have been mine... and my good friend having her fourth boy made me realize something I never really thought about before.... She said
"The problem with sons is that once they are older they don't ever call mom "just to talk," they get married and gravitate toward the wife's family and they don't need their moms after they have a baby. I feel like I have so many mommy things to teach a daughter, but I may not get the chance to do it. It breaks my heart to think I won't have a daughter that I can share a relationship with akin to the one I have with my own mom. These are the things I mourn."
I must admit I cried when I read this.... How could I have never thought of this before? How could I have not looked at my relationship with my mother and wanted that with my own daughter(s). All I saw before reading this was how rude I could be in my teenage years, how much drama girls bring to their parents lives, doing a girls hair and the fights mothers are doomed to have with their daughters!!! I will admit from the day I read this going forward I loved the thought of my future with Katelee and any other Girls I might have! They will be a challenge but the reward of being there for her when she goes on her first date, gets her heart broken, goes to the temple, gets married and brings life into this world will be so worth it!!!
Plus Katelee will have a sister pretty close in age and how cool with that be for them? I love the relationship I now have with my sister and wouldn't trade it for anything!
So bottom line I'm excited to have a girl! I'm excited to hold this little lady and put bows in her hair! Chris isn't too excited to have to cater to two princesses but he is ready for the challenge! I'm not excited to share my husband's attention with two other little ladies who will conspire against me at times, but I'm up to the challenge! Ethan isn't excited to not have his tackling partner like he wanted but he will teach this little lady how to wrestle and tackle just like he has Katelee, so he is also up for the challenge! Katelee, well Katelee is always up for a challenge and I'm sure it will be a challenge for her, but she'll make it too! Wish us luck and perhaps in 12 years you can refer me back to this post and why I was so excited to have a girl!!!!