Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy and Daddy-Are you there?

I can't even begin to express how this video touched my heart. Am I there enough as a mother? Do I do enough with my kids, Do I let them talk and actually listen to them? When they cry do I give them the comfort and strength they need to grow and heal? Do I get down on the floor enough with the kids and play no matter how hard the floor seems to be? Do I laugh at their silly jokes and make them feel special? Do I cuddle them when they need it most? Do I boost their self confidence, do I allow them to learn from their mistakes? Do my kids know that I'm "there?"
I would love to think and feel like I do all of the above perfectly, however I know I don't. I know there are times I play cars with Ethan from the couch, I know there are times I tell Katelee to go find her baby and put her to sleep because I want my few seconds alone. I know I could lay with my son more and sing to my daughter longer at night. I know I should let Ethan 'help' me fold the clothes more and Katelee 'clean' the floor with her baby wipes. There are times when I see the kids asleep that I think "man I sure love these kids, I'm so lucky to be their mother" but do I really act like it?
It's probably the pregnancy hormones but I sure feel like I can do a lot better than I am! I need to get down on the floor and crawl around with the kids! I need to go for walks with the kids and go at their pace instead of constantly telling them to speed it up! I need to snuggle Katelee a little longer at night before I lay her down in that lonely crib. I need to wrestle more with Ethan and not get so irritated when he acts like a boy!
But there is one thing I'm pretty sure I can't do more of, and that's love those kids any more than I already do! Sure I can improve in MANY other areas, but I think I'm doing pretty good in the 'Loving' them area! I can't imagine my life without those kids, they make me laugh at the silliest things, cry because they love me and realize how insignificant my life would be without them!
So here's to being 'there' more and making sure they know it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Nelson Stuff...

I know, I have been slacking majorly in the blogging world. We have been a busy little family and a lot has been happening. As you know from my previous post my bank was taken over and for about 8-9 days we were unsure if I was going to have a job. I was offered a permanent position with the name bank, Plaza Bank! It has been stressful getting use to the new bank's concept and just the new things going on at the bank in general, but it has slowed down a bit and for that I am very grateful as well as my family! So here are just some random things that have been going on......

Family Dinners with Cindy and Tommy My co-worker and "work mommy" get dinner comps at the Main Street Cafe downtown. We will meet up with them after work and eat our little hearts out! The kids love it and the food is pretty good! We have been doing this for quite a few months now. This is where Ethan discovered that he loves chicken wings!
Work Picnic
My old work had a family picnic at a pretty cool park on the other side of town. They had some awesome slides, ponds and water area. Ethan and Katelee loved it, Ethan ran around like a crazy guy the whole time and Katelee would run, get wet and then run back and give me or Chris a hug. Such a sweet girl! The kids were worn out after we got home and so were mom and dad!

What happens when you leave a three year old alone for too long....
I sent Ethan to the den the other day because he was being mean. He was quite so I naively thought he was just sitting on the couch being a good boy. After about ten minutes I went up to talk with him and this is what I found! Oh the joy that swelled within my heart! It is amazing home much destruction one kid can do in a short amount of time. And so quietly too!

Our Crazy Cowboy Ethan
This kid LOVES his cowboy boots more than any other shoes he owns. He would wear boots every day if we let him! He knows that we let him wear boots if he is wearing pants but on this particular day it was so hot and he wanted to wear boots so bad that we just gave in to him wearing boots with shorts! Isn't he a stud, hand in pocket and all!

Fun in Boulder City

One Saturday we had nothing going on in the afternoon so after naps we headed over to Boulder City for some Bar-b-Que festival and car show they were having. It was almost over when we got there, but there was still a band playing and food being served. We found a nice grass spot and let the kids run around for a while. Ethan loved the open grass and Katelee for some weird reason loved the bars. She thought it was so much fun to stick her head through the bars and look at us! This day was a great family day. We were able to spend so much time together and just hang out with no real plans and no agenda!

Memorial Day Ball game
On Memorial Day we took the kids to a 51's baseball game. It was hot but fun. One of the ushers told us to move into the shade because the kids got so read in the face! We didn't argue and moved right on over! We meet my co-worker there and enjoyed a nice afternoon game at the park!

Fourth of July Fun(or Third of July)
Ethan with our bag of fireworks
Ethan doing his first sparkler
Nice outfit wouldn't you say??
On the third of July Ethan and I were in the Boulder City parade then we went over to Jerry Wiese's house for a bar-b-que and then home so Katelee could get down. Ethan, Mommy and Daddy stayed up till after dark to do some fireworks and Ethan loved it! It's amazing how short the fireworks are these days, seems like when I was a kid they lasted forever! But needless to say, Ethan had a blast!

This Crazy Girl
Katelee was able to get some new 'real' cowboy boots from Aunt Lisa while she was down in town. Ethan got some too, but these were Katelee's first ever boots! That night she cried when we took them off her and so she got to wear them with her pjs. She is also modeling Ethan's new belt. Anything this girl sees her brother do, she must do it as well! Such a character!
Katelee's newest trick is taking her pants and diaper off. Normally we defeat her by keeping her in a onsie ALL the time. Well one night lets just say we forgot to do that and when we went in to see the kids before bed this is what we found! Oh how I love this girl. She always keeps us on our toes and wondering what she is going to come up with next! (doesn't she have a nice tush?)
And this is our little poser! She loves to cross her legs. I swear she did that in my stomach all the time and it makes me giggle. She will be sitting in church and cross her legs, sleeping at night and cross her legs or just reading a book, she'll cross her legs! I love this picture because that is the natural smile of my little lady. She is a happy girl (most of the time) and her smile is infectious! She does still stare at people but when you ask her where sweet Katelee is she will beam and show all her teeth! How happy we are that Katelee is our little girl and came to earth with such a crazy, wonderful and ever changing personality!

The Nelson's latest News.....
Did I mention that I'm pregnant???
Yep we are expecting baby number three sometime in February!
And that is the end for now......