Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Chillin

Can I just say the created of the Bumbo must have been a mother that was pretty busy. This thing is great. You can put it wherever you need it and it seems to keep the kids pretty entertained for a while. Last night I had dishes to do, Imagine that, and Katelee just wanted some attention. She wouldn't lay on the floor in the other room so I moved her in to watch me work and she loved it. I know I keep saying this, But...Isn't she a cutie? Even with the Binky taking up most of her face she is still cute to me!

Our New Project!

We have decided that we are going to put wood floors in our house. The carpet is just ridiculously dirty and I can't stand it any more. With a son like Ethan wood is really the best option. This kid will continually bring handfuls of dirt in from outside or just pockets full. The vacuum is getting it's exercise with all the dirt it picks up!
With our Tax Refund this year we have put most of it towards Chris' schooling and the rest is going towards the floors. Costco had an $8 off each box of flooring coupon and we saved over $250 on our floor purchase! I just can't wait to get this stuff in our house! (Side note: isn't my son just plain cute?)

I love this color and if any of you notice the name...Antique Hickory, you might find it funny. My nickname is school was Hickory....Who knew one day I would have flooring named after me! :) Wish us luck on putting this stuff in! I'll post Completed picture in a while, when we actually get the floors done! :)

Good Old Elmers Glue!

Since my daughter does not have very much hair, we decided to glue a bow in. It works great, and apparently this is how my bows stayed in my hair at this age! What is nice is it comes off really easily and the glue just wipes off with a wet cloth! Katelee was stunning at church on Sunday with her bow, until she decided to hit her head with her hand, and off came the bow! I always dreaded having a girl because I would have to do her hair, but this gluing thing isn't half bad!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ethan's New Smile!!!

This is what you get now when you tell Ethan to Smile! Isn't that just the cutest smile you have ever seen? (Just a side note, he is not making fun of any Asians, this is simply how he smiles now, so please do not sue us!)

Mommy/Son and Daddy/Daughter

Don't you just love Ethan's hair? It's getting so long it looks like he has a mullet in the back! :)
Aren't they CUTE???
(Katelee loves her hands, they must taste like chicken because she is always munching on them!)

Ethan's New Shoes

I have always heard that when you have another kid the older siblings tend to want to use all of their baby toys again and such, but I didn't expect this.....The other day after Ethan's nap I told him to bring me his socks and shoes. He runs around the living room for a while and then brings over Katelee's shoes. I laugh and say go get your shoes and he starts to cry. So I did what every mother would do.......I put Katelee's shoes on him and he loved it!
The didn't even come close to fitting him, but he wanted to wear them anyways. I got them on him and he ran straight for his Harley and started riding around...

Then when I went to take a picture he wanted to pose. The boy has no shame and has no idea how this might embarrass him one day. Although if he is anything like his mom and dad he won't care much at all when he gets older!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Son....

So we have been potty training Ethan for a while now. He does really good during the day with Grandma and has even started pooping in the potty. (I think the boy is going to get a hemorrhoid because he pushes so hard) Well we got ready for church Sunday and took Ethan to the potty right before we left. As soon as they announce the Sacrament hymn Ethan looks at me and says Pee Pee. I say are you sure and he says Pee Pee. So I take him to the potty and he goes quite a bit. So we get back into church and he plays for a bit and then says Pee Pee again. Thinking that he might just be trying to say Drink I said "we'll get a drink after church" and he looks at me and says No Pee Pee. So we go Pee Pee again. He goes quite a bit once again! So then we go back in to church and he plays some more and then says Pee Pee again. This time I'm thinking he really doesn't need to go, he has gone twice in like 30 minutes. But he insists and gets annoying so Chris finally takes him out and the kid goes pee pee again! The kid has already learned that by going Pee Pee he gets out of church! I sware this boy is the smartest 2 year old I know!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Am I a Bad Mother?

This is one of my favorite ways to see my son, Does that make me a bad mother? This kid can go go go and drive me crazy, but when he looks like this my body relaxes and I remember how much I REALLY LOVE this little boy!

Katelee is 5 Months Old

Wow, has it really been five months? Depends on the day you ask me. I can't believe that this little girl is almost half a year old. Katelee has started eating cereal and loves every drop of it. She can be crying and then when she sees the bowl and spoon she stops and opens her mouth very WIDE! The other day after she was done I gave her the spoon and she knew exactly what to do with it! Won't be long before she can feed herself! :) Although I haven't gotten a good nights sleep for five months I still love this little girl to pieces! She has the most beautiful smile, the longest eyelashes and cutest little cough laugh. (sounds like a cough at first and then turns into a laugh!) Everyday she grows bigger and bigger. It's funny to think that over five months ago this little one was not a complete part of our lives... We are so glad that she decided to pick our family!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Things I've Learned in the Last 5 Months....

1. I have been blessed with a home and a bed. The other day I was driving home from work and as I was waiting at a red light I looked over at the bus stop. There on the hard cold concrete was a man asleep. He was just laying there... And I thought no person should be use to sleeping like that. The lack of sleep has made me a very emotional person, so I started crying. What happened in this mans life that put him in that situation? So I'm grateful to have been raised by great parents that taught me the important things in life that allow me to sleep in a nice bed and a house every night.

2. Someone is always dealing with something much harder than me! Even when I feel like things can't get any worse there is always an example of someone that is suffering more than I. So my daughter won't sleep through the night, at least I have two health kids, when people that have been trying forever to have kids still can't. So I work all day long and don't get to see my kids that much, at least I still have a job to go to!

3. The world is very peaceful at 3:00am! Sometimes when I'm up with Katelee I look out her window. The street is quiet and lit by the street lights. It is such a beautiful scene to see the world at rest! Makes my nerves calm right down. Sometimes I just stare out the window for 5 minutes, looking at nothing and everything all at once!

4. My Husband is the greatest husband ever! He is always there to help out with the kids. He gets Ethan ready every night. He never complains about helping out, and always somehow knows when I need him to relieve me in the middle of the night! He honors his priesthood and respects me and my opinions! He is the best Father and Husband!

5. There is nothing more important to me than Family. I love my kids, husband and all of my family. When I need to vent I know there is always someone there to listen to me. I can't imagine life without every single one of my family members in it!

6. Every child is different and Wonderful! Ethan slept through the night at 5 days old! Katelee doesn't. Ethan was a huge spitter, I would go through 2-3 spit up rags a day. Katelee spits up only a little. One rag can last us all week long! And the list goes on and on!

7. God does hear our prayers, he just helps us learn our lesson and then answers them. Too many comments to pick just one! He just knows what is best for all of us...

8. Ethan is a good Big Brother. Most of the time. Ethan is always willing to give Katelee hugs and kisses. Sometimes he is rough with her, but that is just Ethan. The boy doesn't know how to be gentle! There is a reason Heavenly Father sent Ethan to us first, and I'm convinced it is because he will take good care of his siblings!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tunnel is Dark Again

I spoke to soon yesterday. I should have known better! I was up with Katelee for about 3 hours off an on from 11:40 to 2:40 when I finally fed her to see if that would get her back to sleep. Finally around 3ish she went back to sleep! I think I'm just going to keep my mouth shut about her sleeping, then one day I'll post about it, when she has been sleeping good for a whole month! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I know I shouldn't put anything down in writting, but Katelee had a GREAT night last night. She went down a little later than normal because of the Super Bowl Party (thank you Anna) so she went down around 9pm. I heard her fussing around 1am. Went put her binky in and then went back to bed. Normally I just lay down on her the couch in her room, but last night I was feeling really lucky! The she woke up around 3am, Chris went in and she was fussing a little bit more than at 1am, so he fed her the 3oz bottle and she went back to sleep. Around 5am she was fussing again so I went in re-wrapped her and she is still sleeping right now at 7am. I know you might think, that is not a good night, you were up with her 4 times.... But trust me it was a great night. She wasn't up for more than 10-15 minutes and I feel very resting this morning! Looks like we will be sticking to a very strict schedule during the day and see if we can get the same results tonight! Wish us luck! :)