Thursday, June 9, 2016

This Girl - Katelee

Oh Katelee Madge, this girl makes us smile constantly.  The other day we were playing a quick game of Apples to Apples.  I had the card, Rough.  The descriptions words were something like jagged, not smooth, etc.  You get the point.  Katelee put her card down and said, "ok, I'm going in a different direction with this one.."  She laughed a little and had a huge smile on her face.  Ethan set his card down and I mixed them up and then read them.  The first was Iceberg, yep those can be rough.  Then I read the next one, Paying Bills.  I busted up laughing, that was the winner.  Ethan was not happy at all, Katelee was so excited.   She said she knew I'd pick that one, because paying bills was rough!!!  What 7 year old things like that? 

Katelee is hilarious, a deep thinker and growing up way too fast!! 
When I am with Katelee, just me and her, she often makes me do double takes.  I look at her and think, when did my little girl grow up, how did she mature over night?  The conversations we have are fun and hilarious.  This girl makes silly comments and expressions that not everyone sees and I LOVE that. She is very much a home body, she never wants to leave the house once we are home.  If I want to go to the store, I better do it before I get the kids home, otherwise Kate will refuse or throw a fit about leaving.  She loves to read, play school and is so good at gymnastics.  She loves gymnastics, once she gets there...  But when we are at home and have to go, she always says she'd rather just stay home.  She has pretty much mastered the backbend and is very close to mastering the flip over from a backbend.  She loves cartwheels and tumbling and everything gymnastics!! 

Katelee is a super smart girl.  She got straight As this year (again) and will be attending a GATE-like program next year.  We had to talk her into it, she didn't really want to do it, but we asked her to try it out and see how it goes and we would take her out of it if she feels like it's just not working.  She is pretty much polar opposite of Ethan in school.  She rarely talks, even to her teachers.  She sits quietly and very still at her desk, she doesn't get up unless she is asked to or gets permission to.  She never needs to study her spelling words or other items.  If she doesn't get 100% on her math tests she is pretty tough on herself, but just studies harder the next time.  She reads far above her level and loves it.  She is a teachers best dream student. (I'm not sure where she gets that from....)

Life with Katelee is so fun.  She is very independent, she picks out her own clothes and does her own hair everyday.  She wont let us do either of those, unless I beg her until she gives in.  Sometimes she gets in moods where she is naughty, but that is not the norm.  When you look at how good she is the majority of the time, you can't help but get that she needs a naughty outlet every once in a while...  We love this little fashionista and she is growing up WAY TO FAST!!!