Saturday, May 28, 2011

6 Years Ago....

Chris and I walked out of the Las Vegas temple, sealed for Time and ALL Eternity! It was the best and most important decision Chris and I have ever and will ever make, being sealed in the temple. The buzz of the day is still fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday. I remember waking up to my alarm, thinking "hey I'm getting married today." I showered, my cousin did my hair and then my parents came to pick me up and take me to the temple. We arrived at the temple and as we were walking in Chris was walking back to his car to get something he had forgotten. I remember when I saw him I was so excited to see he was there. I didn't think he would stand me up, it was just excitement to see my future husband.

We got dressed and waited in the waiting room with both sets of parents. There was one or two other couples in there but it was only our families talking and cracking jokes. My dad was trying to see how many of us could move our foot in a circle one way and pat our heads or something like that. I have always heard people express their wedding day nerves, however I didn't have any. I was just excited to start this next chapter in my life! We were sealed in front of about 100 members of our family and a few friends. I can still remember the comfort and peace that came over me when we walked into the sealing room and knelt across the alter from one another.

After our sealing we took pictures and then headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a bar-b-que. The rest of the day was great, after the luncheon came the reception and it was a lot of fun. We talked, danced, laughed and had a good time!!!

These past six years have been full of smiles, trials, milestones and memories that will not be forgotten. In some ways it doesn't seem like its been SIX years already, but then when you write down all we have done and accomplished and been through, I can't believe it all fit into six years!!!

How thankful I am to have meet Chris, gotten to know him and become his wife and eternal companion!!! How thankful I am that we started our marriage in the temple and have the assurance that if we live righteously we will be with our children and one another FOREVER!!! I cannot think of a better way to spend eternity! Thanks babe for marrying me six years ago!!! I LOVE YOU!

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tiffunny said...

happy anniversary. the one thing i remember about the day was the armadillo cake.