Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Talkative Ashlee

Every night after Ashlee has had her last bottle we lay her down to get her dressed. This is when Ashlee is at her best. She learned at a very young age that if she smiled and talked I would lose track of time and just talk and smile back at her. Most nights I could do this for a good 10 minutes. She is a smart one. Well she still loves to talk and smile at bedtime and I still love to smile and talk with her, but I'm getting better about putting her down on time. Tonight she was talking quite a bit and I decided to get a video of it. I just love this little lady. She is such a good baby and makes me to happy. Her little smile has captivated me since the first time I saw it. She smiled pretty early, around 4 weeks. We love to say, "I love yooooouuuuu!" and watch her smile and sometimes I swear she tries to say it back. I know, I'm crazy and just think she is too smart, but there have been a few times I have looked around to see if anyone else heard what I thought I heard! The kids love to repeat anything you say to her and love it even more when she smiles or talks to them. She really does make this WHOLE family happier people!!! Love you Ashlee, thanks for keeping us smiling!!!


Ashlee Merback said...

I swear she repeated "I love you" and "good night"! She is so advanced. She will be talking by 6 months.

tiffunny said...

sounds like she said it to me too. Smart little girl.

The Williams Family said...

Wow...she is repeating your sounds. Such a cute girl!