Monday, May 16, 2011

What a Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks, where you look back and say, "WOW, I'm so glad that week is over!"? Well we had one just last week. It went a little like this:

Friday: Ethan went to the Dr. He had a fever earlier that week and then started complaining of a sore throat. Chris took a look at his throat Friday morning and saw that it was quite red. The Dr. did a Strep test which came back negative, however Ethan did have sores on his throat so they gave us medicine to treat those. Chris took Ethan later to the Pharmacy to get his Rx filled. I got a call on my way home from picking up the girls from Grandma's house from Chris. He asked me to come pick him up because his car would not shift into gear at Albertsons. Not a problem, I'm sure we can get it fixed some how.. Although in the back of my mind I was thinking worst case, car needs a new transmission. So we ended up trying to fill the transmission fluid up and see if that fixed it... No luck. So we left it at Albertsons for the night.
Saturday: We wake up early and stop by the car on the way to Ethan's T-Ball game. I was fearing that it would be towed over night, luckily it wasn't. I left a note on the window saying we were going to tow it later. Then we headed over to the game. Chris was going to drop me, Ethan and Ashlee off and go get gas and a soda. We parked behind a few parked cars and started unloading. We were on the driver's side of the van when it moved quite a bit. We were confused for a few seconds until we put it together that someone had backed into out van. Long story short everyone was ok, we traded info and Chris is dealing with it! :) Chris and Chris Hansen worked on our car after Ethan's game until about 4 and got it running well again.
Sunday: Kate had a fever a few days before and woke up with weird spots all over her hands. I wish I had taken a photo because it was unbelievable how horrible her hands looked. It looked as if she had put her hands down an ants hole and had hundreds of bites all over them. She acted alright, but I felt horrible for her.
Monday: When Katelee woke up I looked at her hands and decided we needed a diagnosis on her hands. They didn't look worse but they didn't look any better. She had some spots in her month and on her throat as well so we took her to the Dr. He was a little stumped and wasn't exactly sure what the spots were. She was also tested for Strep, which came back negative as well. He decided that her hands was probably a secondary infection to the eczema that is normally on her hands. Being that her hands are ALWAYS in her mouth, the nasties from her sores in her mouth got into her eczema and made a nasty flare up. She was given an Rx as well. That night while picking up her Rx the Pharmacy Tech, Steven, was checking us out. We were almost done when he asked if my husband was close to finishing Physical Therapy school yet. I smiled and said one more year and then said my good byes and headed out. Then it occurred to me, WOW we are at that Pharmacy A LOT if even the tech knows about my husband and his schooling. Funny times... Oh the life of a mother of three!
Tuesday: Pretty normal
Wednesday: Ashlee has been getting harder and harder to feed. She moves around constantly when we feed her, sometimes she just refuses to eat at that moment. We have to give her a while and try it again. Well Wednesday she flat out refused to eat... She completely skipped her 5:30pm bottle and hardly ate her 8:30pm bottle. This worried me, it has been progressively getting worse and worse to feed her. Katelee was always hard to feed, but Ashlee use to be easy to feed and now she isn't.
Thursday: I called the Dr and got Ashlee in to see him about not eating. She ate ok for my mom at 9:30am, but didn't eat well the rest of her feedings. Along with not eating, she was drooling like crazy and sucking on her hands a whole bunch. So when we got to the Dr. she had missed almost two full bottles and refused still to eat. The Dr. said that she could be teething, although he thought she was a little young for that or she could have Reflux. He gave her some baby antacid and we were once again off to the Pharmacy. Three times in one week, I'd love to say it's a record, but unfortunately its not!!
So when Friday came and Ashlee was eating better, Katelee's hands looked much better and Ethan was back to his normal self I decided that perhaps our crazy week might finally be over.

How grateful I am for weeks like this every once in a while. They really help you realize things that we take for granted like:

-The fact that we have WONDERFUL friends. Chris Hansen dropped everything he had planned for his day to help us out, the day before Mother's day. He drove Chris around to the part store, the dealership and back home again. He did all this with no thought of something in return. We have other friends who are always willing to drop anything to help us out! How I am so thankful for our friends!
-We are lucky to have two cars. Many people don't even have one car that can breakdown or get hit and here we have TWO. How lucky are we? Tons of people would give anything to have two working cars.
-We have great Doctor's. We have been blessed to have the same Pediatrician since Ethan was born. He might seem odd to others, but we click quite well with him. I know that if we call early enough in the day we can get a same day apt, even within an hour of calling his office. He really does care about kids and works with them so well. This was one of my biggest fears before having kids, was fearing that we would never find a good doctor for our kids. We are blessed to have such an amazing doctor.
-Our families rock. No matter what we are going through they are always there to support us. Offering to let us use their cars if we need them. Watching the kids while we take other kids to the doctor. Being there to talk to when that's all this mother needs to do to feel better. We have been so blessed to have been born into such great families!
-Our kids... Where do I start? Although they are often times the cause behind so much stress and worry I am so grateful for them. So thankful to have three healthy kids who fight with each other, who argue, who cry, who get sick and who make my life full of learning opportunities. So many would give anything to take a child to the doctor because that would mean they have a child. Children have given me an express ticket in the learning department. How did I ever learn my lessons before they came along? I love to cuddle my kids, even if they are kicking and fighting it the whole time! I love when one of them will randomly come up and tell me they love me the "mostest!" I love how they run up to me when I get home and I love their little hands even if their prints are all over the place.

Weeks like this really give you us the opportunity to remember and see the things we have truly been blessed with. Although I'm so glad that week is over, the lesson I have learned and relearned will keep living on... Until the next week that seems unending and then a WHOLE new set of gratitude moments will kick in!

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