Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter 2011

Since Chris' Spring Break did not fall during my maternity leave we decided to take a long weekend up to Utah. We wanted to introduce sweet little Ashlee to her Great Grandparents and her Great Aunts and Uncles that live in Utah. We headed out Thursday afternoon in hopes of getting there in time for bedtime. We met my Aunt and Uncle at the Cracker Barrel in Springville and had a nice dinner. The kids were able to get out and stretch which was much needed since the last stop we had made was in Mesquite for a potty break. After dinner we got back on the road and pulled into Aunt Lisa's driveway about the time we expected. Ethan took a small nap on the way up but not Katelee. She was wide awake the whole time until we got back on the highway from dinner.
She feel fast asleep and stayed that way until the next morning. When we got to Lisa's I expected Katelee to wake up when I got her out of the car, but she didn't. I laid her on the bed and she stayed asleep, Chris went and changed her into her PJs and she stayed asleep. Silly girl must have been really tired from all that sitting she did. The whole point of us going to Utah was to spend a lot of time with my Grandparents. Although we did other activities such as, Going to Park City to shop, visiting Chris' aunt and much more, the majority of the time we spent at my Grandparent's.

The kids with Great-Grandpa
The kids love their great grandparents. At times I think they are a little 'rough' with them and try to treat them like their grandparents. But all in all they do pretty well.

The kids with Great Grandma.
The kids with my Aunt Janette or Jamima as we like to call her!
(These are the kids' Easter outfits, not the best picture especially since Ethan's tie and vest are off.. But I'm not the best mom and forgot to take good pictures!)

On Easter Sunday we went to church over by Aunt Lisa's house with my Aunt Janette and then headed over to my Grandparent's so I could make them Easter dinner. We decided to do Swiss Steak, Funeral potatoes and some veggies. Aunt Lisa came over after her ward and ate with us. Dinner was good but the company was much better. After dinner we went to the school over by my grandparents to 'roll' our Easter Eggs. This has been a family tradition of ours ever since I can remember. I still have many memories of meeting up with quite a few of my cousins and aunts and uncles and rolling eggs. I want my kids to have those same memories as well. My Uncle Gene, Aunt Lisa and us all went. It was pretty cold, but that of course did not stop the kids from having loads of fun.

Us rolling the eggs at first...

We rolled the eggs about three times and then it turned into what it normally does...

The kids running around....
Throwing the eggs as far as we can. Being in Utah we had a unique opportunity this year. We were able to throw the eggs at the Seagulls that came swarming in on us....

The Ethan started chasing after them and so did Katelee, a little.

Here is a shot of me and the kids and a few of the birds.

When we went to leave there were quite a few seagulls and we decided it was best to just let them have the eggs and get out of their way. We didn't want to get anything extra from them. We stayed with my Grandparents that night and that was fun. We got to stay up pretty late playing cards. Chris even played with us which made it even more fun!!! Once we were finished playing cards I stayed up with my Grandma till 12:45am playing a game on their IPad. It was so much fun to just hang out with her, I wish we lived closer so we could do that more often!

I am so grateful for Easter, for the reminder of my Saviors wonderful sacrifice for us. I know that my Savior lives and that he loves me more than I will ever know. How great it is to continue on our Easter traditions with my family and also help them learn and grow in the Savior. I am also thankful for the opportunity I have been given of introducing each of my children to my Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn. They are so good to me and my family... I love being able to see my kids play with them, bug them and hug them like I use to!!!

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