Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sleeping Kids

There is something about a sleeping child that just makes my heart smile. Perhaps its the fact that they aren't fighting with each other, or talking back or maybe it's just that they are so peaceful. Whatever it is, I just had to document it. Ethan is funny, he always falls asleep with his hands above his heads or curled up in a ball as if he is freezing. His newest thing is to say that he is hot and ask if he can talk his shirt off... I let him do it one time and now he wants to do it all the time... Here he is the other night. (I know the sheets are Katelee's, they take turns sleeping on the top bunk...)

Katelee, she doesn't like sheets at all. She doesn't want to be covered falling asleep and then if you come in and cover her up later she will kick them off before you leave the room. She sleeps in all kinds of positions and has even fallen off the bottom bunk and by the time I got into the room she was under the bed. She just kept rolling and was so confused when I came in. The other night we came in to find Katelee like this.... I don't know how long she was like that, or would have been like that. Too cute!

Now on to Ashlee. She is a great baby. Most nights she sleeps solidly through the night. The other nights when she wakes up we just give her the binky and she is out again. I complain about her getting up, but really I have been so spoiled. When we put Ashlee down for the night she sleeps in her woombie. It has no legs or arms, but is stretchy so she can still move around. She seems to love it and it has worked so far, so she will keep sleeping in it for now. She always looks so peaceful. Every night we put her down like this and then in the morning she is perpendicular. I don't know how she gets there, but she does!!!


tiffunny said...

Katelee sleeping standing up is hilarious.

Heidi said...

Kids are so funny how they sleep in weird positions!! And I love love love the Woombie! Great invention!