Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Christmas Eve Pictures.... Again

I finally got my Mom's camera with Christmas Eve pictures on it, so why not post them a month later??? We have a tradition of getting together on Christmas Eve, Acting out the Nativity while Scriptures are read, Sing Christmas Songs until Santa comes, Sit on Santa's lap and then eat sandwiches and goodies. This year was no exception.
We started the festivities with the Nativity
Uncle Ben was the narrator and this year we sang songs at different times in the story.
Here is most of the cast. Some of the kids are getting a little old and some are a little too young to get it, but we always make due with what we have. And it always turns out great!
Anna was the lucky Piano player and I got to lead the music. It was fun, but I pretty much did solos for each song.... Not so fun for those that had to hear my voice! (Look at my cute pregnant sister, doesn't she look great!)
Here is the "cowboy Shepard!" The outfit was a bit big so Ethan held it up and showed off his boots the whole time. Silly boy just loves his boots!
This is the only good picture of Katelee as an angel. Of course she looks just the same as always because she is our little angel! (note the sarcasm)
And here is the cutest donkey I have ever seen, and a talented one at that! Madilynn had to hold the baby Jesus the whole time. She is such a little girl!
Here are my kids waiting to eat.... I can't believe they were actually sitting still for a bit!
Then we sang a little and in came this guy....
I love this picture because Ethan is looking in awe at Santa. He was so excited this year.... It really made Christmas a whole lot more fun with him so excited!
Katelee is normally okay with strangers unless they are wearing too much read and a huge white funky beard! She was not having it at ALL!!!!
Ethan did a good job and loved it!
When Santa left we started to eat, but not Ethan he was watching Santa leave. We had told him so many stories of Elves, Reindeer and such that I think he was hoping to see Santa fly off into the sky. He is such a smart kid, all the other kids were too busy playing with their stuff or each other or eating.... But my son was watching Santa leave in hopes of catching a glimpse of something more!
Katelee got some stacking blocks, the girl loves to stack things, take them down and then stack them again! It's so cute....and thoughtful!
Ethan got a little dump truck and lost the brown bolder before we left that night! Doesn't that figure???
My cousin's house is huge and there is plenty of room to run, so Ethan did. He ran back and forth until his cheeks were nice and rosy and his asthma was kicking in!
Katelee found a baby stroller and pushed it around forever. She was not too happy when we took it away from her to go to Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house!
Once again we had a great Christmas. I love that my family and Chris's family have traditions. I think they are so fun. At times it is overwhelming to get them all in, but some how they just work out!

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