Friday, January 29, 2010

Meeting Some Baseball Players

(This is so typical of Ethan)

My parents have always had a softball park right by the house. Recently the fields got a HUGE make over and they now resemble 6 MLB fields. Monday was the Grand Opening and in celebration of it they were offering free admission and food. My parents took the kids over around 3:00 and let them enjoy the festivities. Ethan of course was in Heaven. First off he was outside, this always makes him happy, second there was sports involved. Ethan loves going to baseball games and they had a few games going on. Katelee loves it as well, she loves to go outside too..... While they were there a few Baseball players were there signing autographs and talking with the people there. Ethan and Katelee didn't have a clue who half the people were, but one day my Dad will explain to them how cool it was for him to meet them.

Ethan will WallyJoyner

Ethan and Jason Giambi

Madilynn with Wally Joyner

My mother will tell you she took this picture for Katelee, but really she just wanted a picture with Jason Giambi! :)

Katelee and Grandma with Wally Joyner

Katelee and Grandma with Bill Madlock

Ethan with Bill Madlock, he was a very nice guy. This is Ethan's excited face, fingers in/by mouth!

And here are two of my cousins kids with Wally Joyner. They were so excited because he plays the Bishop in The RM movie and they watch that all the time. Steph, you guys have the cutest kids!!!

Chris and I meet my parents at the ball park after work around 5:30 or 6. We got some free food and hung out for a while. Around 6:45 when we were ready to go Ethan and Katelee both did not want to go. They had been there for over 3 hours, almost 4.... It was freezing and they still wanted to stay.... I love the fact that my kids love to be outside so much. I hope that continues and they don't become those kind of kids that always want to be inside watching TV or playing video games.

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