Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Workout Buddy

So Ethan loves to do whatever anyone else does. Every night after we put Katelee down Ethan gets to play quietly downstairs until it is his bed time. Most nights Chris and I try to get things done around the house during this time. Ethan is usually a very good boy while we do this. I have been trying to workout lately and this night decided to do so during Ethan's quite time to get it over with. I pulled out my floor mats and of course Ethan wanted one too. So I got him one too and we started our workout. Ethan was so darn cute. He laid there for a minute and then he started to try to do the exercises and I think for it being his first time he did a pretty good job! (Look at his legs moving back and forth)

(I just had to share this cute video!)

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Trevino said...

I love the pringles can in the top of the picture.