Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our January 2010

There are moments in my life where I stop to breath and realize that I haven't really 'stopped' in a long time. I just noticed this today when I thought of updating my blog. We have done so many things, yet I haven't really had time to blog about them. Life has definitely been busy so far this year. The kids have taken turns getting sick, not sleeping through the night and definitely being grouchy, but all in all January has been a good month.
We started the year off with Touro's Winter Gala. I was so excited to go out with my husband on a formal date. We don't go out very often because I hate to impose on our parents to watch the kids all the time and we are too poor to pay someone to watch the kids... Any how, Anjali came over a did my hair all fancy like and we were off to the dance. I was able to meet some of Chris's school mates and get to know them better. They definitely are a fun group of people. They got the dancing started and we had a blast! I just wanted to put a picture of my hair from the back because I love when Anjali does it! I always feel so pretty! Thanks Anj, I love you!
The other day we woke up to a whole bunch of fog. It was crazy to see it all over the place, specially in VEGAS! Ethan didn't quite get the concept of fog and continues to this day to call it smog. Before we left for Grandma's I wanted to take some pictures.....
I told the kids to put their arms around each other and this is what they did! Silly kids, at least Katelee is touching Ethan!
The pictures didn't quite get the whole effect, but it works.
This is just in the complex, we couldn't even see the wall at the end of the road!

Once we got past Nellis the fog started to lift and this is what it looked like from behind!
The other day Aunt Anna called and asked what Ethan was doing on Saturday. Since Ethan is such a busy boy I checked his schedule and he was free. I told her and she asked if she and Uncle Enrique could take him to Disney on Ice with Madilynn. Of course I said yes and they had a blast. Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique took my pictures and got a few pics of the kids.....
I wonder if they were watching Lion King, it looks like Ethan is growling.....
And again with the growling smile!
Of course Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique got the kids toys and hats and they feed them all the sugar they could. I just love how much Ethan and Katelee's Aunts and Uncles do for them. They are always so willing to take them somewhere, play with them, talk with them, hold them or anything else they want! They have truly been blessed as well as Chris and I to have such great sisters and brothers!

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Ashlee Merback said...

I love your hairdo for the gala. I'm sure Chris was proud to be seen with such a hot wife.