Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Ethan-isms

The other day while eating lunch as a family Ethan out of nowhere says, "When Grandpa's knee hurts him, I laugh at him!"

The other night while brushing Ethan's teeth he says, "Mommy, why your belly getting bigger, you got a baby in there?" I want you all to know that I'm NOT pregnant and I have actually been doing an ab workout 3-4 times a week for a good month now.... Guess it's just not working!

We went to a UNLV Basketball game the other night and ever since then Ethan out of nowhere will say "re........bels, re........bels!" It's pretty crazy to be driving somewhere having a conversation with him and then out of nowhere hearing "re........bels!"

We had a lot of fog this morning and Ethan says, "What is that?" I told him is was fog. We are driving down the street and there is a whole bunch and he says, "Boy, it sure is smoggy out today!" Silly boy no matter how many times I corrected him he kept saying Smog or Smoggy!

Any time Ethan sees Football or Basketball on TV he will always say, "Go Cougars!"

The other day Ethan told me and Chris, "When I turn 6, I'm gonna buy Grandpa's jeep." Later my mom asked him how he was going to get the money to do that and he said as he put his head in his hand, "I'm going to work at the bank." For Ethan's sake lets hope he doesn't work at a bank when he gets older!

Last night Ethan called his Aunt Anna and told her, "It's raining, my doggy does not like to get wet!" I thought this one was cute because he called Soley 'his' doggy.

Katelee and Ethan have been sharing a little toy in the car the last few morning and Katelee isn't the best sharer yet, she was screaming when I made her give Ethan the toy for his turn. Ethan a looked at her and said in the sweetest tone, "Relax Katelee, when my turn is done you get it back!"

Lately if Ethan really likes something he will say, "This my favorite, in my life, ever!" I haven't quite figured out where he has picked this up from, but I'm sure one of us says it all the time!

And one of the newest things he says is, "When I was your age, I did that too!" Apparently Ethan is growing younger by the days!

We sure love this little guy in our lives, he continues to provides us many learning experiences. We have definitely learned to watch very closely what we say around him.....


Ashlee Merback said...

Last night we were talking to the boys about moving. When I informed them that meant we would be going to a different ward they both got really concerned. Tanner said, "But what about little Ethan (not any of the kids his age)? We will miss him so much!" Luke sat there looking terrified at the thought of not seeing his friend. I had to assure them that they could still see Little Ethan and play with him. The Merback boys sure love your son! After reading what a hilarious little guy he is, I can see why.

tiffunny said...

i love him telling Katelee to "relax". Classic.