Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Katelee

Sometimes they like each other, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they play well together, sometimes they don't! Madilynn has given Katelee the nickname of Ki Ki! I think it's really cute! I guess it's only fair she give Katelee a nickname, Ethan gave her the nickname Ma Ma and it has just kinda stuck!

Katelee can be a loving girl one minute and then a little bit evil the next. I swear Sunday she wore a scale on her face the entire 3 hours of church, but I have to admit she was still pretty cute! Katelee is really into shoes lately. She loves to take them off, especially in the car. Don't get me wrong she has always done this, but now she will actually try to put them back on or bring you different ones to put on! When it's time to get jackets on Katelee sprints to me so she can be the first one! She has learned how to unzip and sometimes has her jacket off again by the time the rest of us get our jackets on.

This seems like an appropriate picture of Katelee. She has a smile on her face and an elbow in her brothers face! Classic! Katelee has started getting food out of her mouth and throw it on the floor. She especially loves to break crackers or pull bread apart and throw it all over! She is a very stubborn girl and knows what she wants. When she is finished eating, she is finished. She will throw anything left on the ground then to make it more dramatic she will sweep her arms across the tray to get the little pieces and her drink as well. It make me a little crazy, but at the same time I love how independent she is. I love that she knows her mind and is very good at expressing it! (for now anyway, I know that will change when she gets older!)

Katelee loves her brother and does ANYTHING he does. She loves to grab his toys when he puts them down. I'm pretty sure she knows she is being mean, but she still does things to bother him! He of course gets mad and says things like, "Hey I'm playing with that" or "That's my toy!" followed by crying! Katelee can be pretty rude but she doesn't like to hear her brother cry. She will look around and get a really sad expression and then sometimes even starts crying herself until Ethan stops! Katelee loves to tickle people and wrestle. Whenever I kneel down she will come over and try to push me over. If I'm already laying on the ground she will come and jump on me. She of course learned this from her brother! This picture is demonstrating how well she listens and cares! If she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't! If you tell her no she will drop to her knees and fall to her belly and cry. You don't have to do anything but say the word no. The other day she hit Madilynn with a toy. Madilynn was crying and I put Katelee in time out for the very first time. Katelee cried, held her hands together and stared at Madilynn. She of course got mad at me and tried to hit me a few times, but she never tried to leave time out! That was a shock. She just stood there crying and giving dirty looks to anyone that looked at her! Afterwards she just wanted to be held. You would think she was the one that got hurt! I guess emotionally she was???

Katelee is almost too tall for her 18 month pants and now has 10 teeth. She still weights about 21 or so pounds. Her hair is growing like crazy in the back but still pretty short and thin on the top. I guess that is okay, it doesn't get in her eyes that way, right? She was doing really well when I'd do her hair, but lately she pulls EVERYTHING out! Most the time when people see her, her hair looks horrible. But what did I expect? I hate doing my own hair and would walk around with hair like Katelee's if I could!
Most the time Katelee is happy and loves to play with all kinds of toys. She loves to play cars with her brother, carry her tea cups around and run around the house with Ethan. She really loves to read books! She will grab books and back up to you so she can sit on your lap. If you don't read the book fast enough she turns the pages for you. She is a bit impatient, I don't know where she gets that from??? :) When Katelee gets sick she loves to cuddle, but only for moments at a time. She will cuddle, sit up and mess around with something, cuddle, push you away and arch to get down. You put her down and then she wants back up to cuddle some more! We think she is absolutely beautiful, but for mine and Chris's sake we pray she is the only girl we have! (If not, that's okay....I guess!)


Heidi said...

Girls are so dramatic! I had always heard girls were easier but so far I don't see that at all!! She sounds like a ball of fire!! Just like her mama! Cute cute pics of all the kids together!

Maynor Moments said...

Hilary! Your blog is so cute!