Monday, August 24, 2009

Video Try...

So I have seen some videos on a few other blogs and after my friend explained it to me I thought I'd give it a try too. So about a month ago I was up with the kids early one Saturday. We had already been walking at the park and Katelee had spilled all of her water on her shirt. So when we got home I put some new pants on her and just left her without a shirt since she would be napping soon. A little while later the kids were doing their own things and this is what Katelee was choosing to do:

I must confess this video is about a month old. Since this video Katelee has taught herself to stand up in the middle of the floor. She was trying real hard in the video to do it, and now she has mastered it. However she still cannot walk. Most kids learn how to walk and then later they learn how to stand up with nothing to help them, not my daughter, she does things on her own schedule.

This video just shows you how much fun this little lady loves to have. She loves to laugh, especially when her brother is laughing with her! She is such a joy to have around. I hope that these videos show you that.


Keever Family said...

how are the wood floors treating you? I love mine, except with Connor and Caitlin crawling, I think I need to get them knee pads!

tiffunny said...

happy babies are the best!