Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Ethan!

Story #1: Last night we did our nightly ritual of family prayers, hugs and kisses and then off to brush Ethan's teeth. But what Ethan did after he hugged me is priceless and a little scary! Ethan came and gave me a hug and then he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me. He normally does this but this time he just keep him lips on mine. It lasted a few seconds and then he pulled away and looked at me and said "I yuv kissing!" I started laughing and said "you do?" and he smiled and said "Yes!" It was hilarious! Oh I just can't wait until he is a teenager, hopefully he grows our of "luving to kiss!"
Story #2: We have been potty training Ethan for quite a while. Well Sunday and Monday Ethan wore big boy underwear all day long and had no accidents. So we tried it again on Tuesday. I was on my way to lunch at work and I get a text message from my mother that says, "Ethan just peed in his pants. I told him I was going to text his Mom and tell her. He said Please Don't do that!" He has really started to talk and I'm very happy to say that most the time he is polite by using the words 'please' and 'thank you!' Sometimes he uses them and doesn't really mean them, such as: "Get me some candy, NOW, please!" Or "Move Katelee, Get out of the way, PLEASE!!!"
Story #3: Every Sunday after church we ask Ethan what he learned in nursery today. His reply every Sunday is "School Bus!" Every Sunday in nursery they have singing time, which they sing a few songs but apparently they always sing The Wheels on the Bus.... This is the only thing Ethan thinks he learns that day even though he knows this song by heart! I can only imagine that his favorite subject in school will be recess or lunch! Silly Boy!
Story#4: We have always commented on how crazy Ethan is, he never calms down and only relaxes when he is sleeping! We have never been able to figure out where this comes from, I always blame it on being born in 2006, which I still think contributes to this behavior, however the other day my mom got some old "family letter" her side of the family use to write while my Grandparents were on their mission to keep them informed of everything going on! In the letters it mentioned that something like this: Hilary is just so busy I can never get anything done around the house. When I clean the bathrooms I have her wash the walls to give her something to do just so I can clean for 5 minutes. She is a handful.... Hilary is calming down a little, but Grandpa still has given her the nickname of Hurricane Hilary! After reading these letters I have come to an acceptance that Ethan is simply following in the footsteps of his mother. I was a great infant as was Ethan, and I was a little wild and crazy as a toddler just like Ethan is! Please pray for us as Ethan enters his teenage years! :)


Get Hooked said...

Those are cute stories! Aren't you glad your mom saved those letters? It's funny how she didn't remember that. I hope my kids appreciate me blogging about them later in life. I guess I better start working on my second book again!

Keever Family said...

I remember you not wanting to go anywhere in far that you would miss your soap. I always thought that was a little funny.