Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt... My Favorite Brother Ever!

My Brother turned the big 29 back in July and I told him I was going to post about it. So here we go. Growing up me and Matt were pretty much inseparable. We dug huge holes in the back yard on long summer days. Matt would hold me by the ankles and lower me into the hole so we could make it deeper. We rode bikes for a bigillion hours each summer and never really cared that we were roasting. We use to play cars, micro-machines, Lego's, push each other in the wagon, (debate is still going on about who pushed who the most, but I'm pretty sure I was always pushing) and the Blackburn famous "knock Procter off the road." As we have grown up and moved on to families of our own, I'm still very proud to say that we are close. I know I can always count on my brother to help me out when I need it. He is always willing to do whatever we need him to do and he never asks why or tells us no. No matter the time of day I always know I can call him and he will answer, or at least call me back really quick! In High School my brother was a senior and I was a little freshman, but he still let me hang out with him. (Plus he never had to wait in line for food, he would always tell me that he'd pay if I went and got the food... Those that know me well know I'm always down for free food!) Matt has always looked out for me and it has always been a comfort knowing that. (Even though I was and still am bigger than him it's nice to know he has my back!) Ethan and Katelee love their Uncle Matt as well. Ethan can spot Uncle Matt's truck from anywhere! He always wants to go over to Matt's house and especially his boat! Matt has always been my favorite brother and the kind of brother I hope Ethan will be one day! Thanks Matt for the memories from our childhood and the ones we continue to create! We love you a ton!

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tiffunny said...

little matt is all grown up! :)
That's sweet that you guys are so close.