Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Nelson Happenings!

So quite a while ago we pulled out all the carpet downstairs and put in some wood floors! I absolutely love the new floors as does Ethan. He loves to run and drop to his knees and slide. I don't know how his little knees handle all the things he puts them through, but he always seems to be fine. Well when we put the floors in we pulled off all of the base boards and moved the furniture into the garage. Needless to say most of the small furniture is STILL in the garage, Chris parks in the parking lot because only one car will fit in the garage because of the furniture still in the garage. Well the other day we finally painted and put the base boards in. And here is the finished product! So we still have to get the transitions in but those are quite expensive and we just don't have the money to get those yet! But one day we will have everything done and a garage that can hold two cars! I can't wait for that day!
The other day before church I wanted to get a picture of how cute the kids looked! I wish I would have taken a picture of what they looked like afterwards because it is never as nice as the before. Ethan usually gets water all over his clothes from washing his hands a million times during nursery! And Katelee usually has her shoes off, her clip out and sometimes even her bloomers off because she has pooped on them! But I love how they always look so exhausted after church! These kids are such cuties and we absolutely love them!
The other day I got home before Chris and started dinner. Katelee had already gotten into the dogs water and spilt it ALL over the kitchen floor! Ethan was in and out of the garage playing with his kitchen that is still in the garage from the beginning issue of this post! So I finally locked Katelee up in her highchair and gave her some olives to eat. This kept her very happy, and even made Ethan want to stay inside which really helped me out while cooking!
This is Ethan's smile for the camera... And he never looks at the camera! Gotta love that crazy kid! Notice Katelee didn't care about the camera, she wanted the food on her tray and nothing more!
And here is just another random picture of the kids helping me cook dinner by staying out of the way. Thank heavens for chopped olives! :)