Monday, August 24, 2009

Blackburn Family Pictures

A while ago my cousin, who is a WONDERFUL photographer took the Blackburn Family's pictures! And they turned out great, I just wanted to get some of these online so we could have them to look at for ALWAYS! Thanks Tiff, you did a great job, specially for what you had to work with! The grandchildren. I would have given Katelee a Pine cone too, but it would have just been in her mouth the whole time!
Candid picture of Ethan and Grandpa. My son just loves his Grandpa's!
Matt, Anjali and Matilynn! They all have nice bums don't they?
My cute Niece, Matilynn!
The Blackburn Kids!
Look at this cutie! I just love his smile, it makes me smile no matter the reason for his smile!
And my precious Katelee, she loved being in this box and playing with all the girlie stuff!
Here is one of the Blackburn Family photos!
And here is one of our little family!
And another one!

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tiffunny said...

You guys definitely made it fun so I enjoyed every minute of it!