Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Stuff

My dad had a lot of chores to do while we were in Utah. One of them was to take out a strip of grass at my grandparents house and fill it with rocks. I was called outside at one point and saw both of my kids being pushed around in the wheelbarrow. They were having a blast. I was able to get some good pictures with my Grandma's camera, but got ours out too late. So we only get to see the picture of Katelee going for a ride. They were both loving it!

This next picture is proof that Katelee actually drank from her bottle from someone other than Myself, Chris or my mother. (Just a little side note, as soon as this picture was taken, Katelee refused to drink any more) I have been told by Katelee's doctor to make her hold her own bottle, and if she won't then she doesn't get a bottle. Well I don't really mind feeding her the bottle, it only gets annoying when we have a babysitter, who isn't my mother. We have to feed her before we leave, but it all works out. Eventually I'll long for the days when I was actually felt useful to her!

These pictures are from the other day. I had a headache and was laying down for a minute. Ethan was so cute, he wanted to lay with me and came over and climbed right up with me. Even my little Soley was laying with us. Of course this didn't last long. Ethan can't hold still or be quite for very long, bless his little heart! But you can bet this mother enjoyed this little bit of snuggle time I got with my little man!
So I was going to end my blog for the day, however I can't ignore this photo! I love my Uncle so much. He helped my dad out with the rocks. Chris and I had a wedding to go to this day, and when we got back we got out of the car and this is what we saw! I can't think of a better way of being welcomed home, than this! Love you Uncle!And that is all for my Random stuff today! Hope you enjoyed!


Keever Family said...

That picture of my dad made me giggle, I needed that. Sara told me about how she was so happy that Katelee let her feed her! My kids started grabbing for their bottles, so I guess I was lucky!

Hilary and Chris said...

Ethan's mommy is so pretty isn't she.

Blackett's Blog said...

love the moon. And cooper has the same plaidish shirt that ethan has. Gotta love Target.

Get Hooked said...

If only we could travel with the kids in the trunk. Ya gotta take the snuggling when you get it headache and all. Cute pictures. And of course Ethan's mommy is pretty!

Heidi said...

Im going to have to try that trunk idea...I'm liking it!! =) Unfortunatley for me, I do not have a trunk so it woulnd't really cute down on the noise!!