Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Hogle Zoo

While we were in Utah Aunt Lisa wanted to take Ethan to the Zoo. We decided to go on Monday, which was also Chris's Birthday. So we waited till Katelee woke up from her morning nap and headed over to the zoo. I was dreading the prices, but was surprised that we were all able to get in for about $35, and that included rides on the Carousel and the Train. Aunt Lisa paid, of course, but I was relieved that it wasn't too crazy of a price! We decided to eat lunch a little early since we were going out to eat that night for Chris's Birthday. The food prices weren't Crazy, but close to crazy. It almost cost us as much for lunch as it did to get in. But back to the zoo and how much fun we had. Ethan absolutely loved it and to my surprise so did Katelee. While we ate we feed Katelee so she could just fall asleep on our walk. Ethan loved the Elephants, which I just realized I didn't take any pictures of. He also loved the monkeys because they were crazy, just like him. We watched them for quite a while and then headed around the huge zoo.

I thought the back drop was appropriate for these two.

One day he will be a little closer to this one.

Katelee was really taking everything in. She would watch what we were watching, and then sometime she would just be hanging out in her stroller. Half the time I felt like I was pushing around an empty stroller because she was so good! This little lady really does keep an eye on everything. I just love her hat in this picture!

Ethan got to ride the Carousel two times and he loved it each time. This is his second ride. He really has grown to loves seals ever since Chris and I came back from Monterrey. We brought him and Katelee a stuffed animal seal and he named his "trip" because that is where Mommy and Daddy got it. So he kept telling me that he got to ride Trip! I like how Aunt Lisa looks like a giant on her animal. Aunt Lisa is so small...

The first ride Ethan was still a little nervous to ride without holding (Strangling) the person standing beside him. I swear he put a dent where he was gripping the rod so tight! (That a boy, cling to that rod)

Ethan wanted me to ride the Ant Eater, which I would like to point out kinda makes me look like a monster too.
I don't know if you can tell from this picture but Ethan had me in the death grip. He didn't want me to move. But Daddy was finally able to get him to hold on all by himself! Doesn't it kinda look like the Zebra is laughing at us? Katelee got to sit out with Aunt Lisa and would wave whenever we were already passed. It was like she saw us and then would wave, but it is the thought that counts!
What I find funny about this picture is he does this same thing to my parents dog, except Jiggs will get up and walk away and Ethan will hold on as long as he can!

If you ask Ethan about the giraffes he will tell you that they are big. I was glad to see them outside, they are such a weird looking animal to me....

I have often thought of myself as a redneck girl, but never have a felt more like a redneck until Chris pointed my daughter out to me. She was just relaxing and simply enjoying herself! I'm sure she got quite a few laughs and she couldn't care less! Oh the things out kids do!

Ethan loved the fact that he was tall enough to lean into the Lions head and get a drink of water. Or just get it all over his face!
This elephant thing was making noise the whole time he was on him and it scared Ethan.
And the last thing we did at the zoo was ride the train. It wasn't very long, but we heard about the train ride the rest of our trip! Ethan had so much fun, I'm really glad we went to the zoo!

Little Miss Katelee was worn out, but loved the zoo too. I feel bad for waiting so long to take Ethan, I honestly didn't think they would enjoy it at such a young age, but I was wrong! Thanks Aunt Lisa for taking us and Thanks Chris for letting us go on your birthday-too bad their wasn't a birthday discount, yes we did ask!


Get Hooked said...

Of course you asked! I wouldn't expect anything else. For $20 more you could have gotten a year membership. That is what I love about our Zoo, it really is fairly cheap. Loved the pictures! Your kids are so cute. I have to disagree with you about the giraffes. They facinate me. Did you know they have the same number as neck bones as we have. See soo interesting. I could tell you many more random, dumb facts about the giraffe. But I won't bore you.

Keever Family said...

Don't feel like too much of a Redneck, I swear of all the pictures I have of Caitlin, 90% of them she has her feet up like Katelee! I wish I was closer so I could hug them!!

tiffunny said...

Hogle zoo is a must whenever we're in the area too. You can't beat their prices and it's a good zoo. You make me laugh with all your 'cheap' talk. You're funny.

That pic of Katelee with her leg out is so cute. It's not redneck at all - the girl knows how to relax that's all.