Monday, May 18, 2009

Ethan's First Lake Trip!

Ethan has been having a lot of First lately. So this weekend he had his first Lake Trip. Now I told my brother and husband that Ethan could not go out on the lake until he was "3." Three was the magical number, I thought, when Ethan would actually have fun on the lake. However I learned this weekend that they can enjoy it at any age! So we were invited out by some friends from the ward that have a boy about two-three years older than Ethan, one around Ethan's age and another boy Katelee's age. We decided to have Aunt Anna watch Katelee since she already got a sunburn in the past month, and I didn't want that to happen again! We headed out to the lake around noon. Ethan had a blast from the start. He loved the ride out there because there were kids his age he could make tons of noise with! We got out there and he couldn't wait to get on the boat. When we took off on the boat I think Ethan didn't really know what to do! He sat quite still on Chris' lap for a while before he decided he could move around a bit!The water was a little cold, and Ethan didn't like that. So little Luke let Ethan borrow his wetsuit, which Ethan than said was too hot! I think this kid just really didn't want to get in that water! Finally Chris was able to get Ethan out in the water by putting him on the surf board! But don't think he got off of that thing!
Even when they got to a shallow part of the lake, Ethan was not budging from that surf board.

This is Ethan pretending to drive, later on he actually got to drive for a little bit and he is not only a crazy kid, but a crazy driver. Luckily someone was there to regulate how far we were able to turn! Ethan and his very white Mother!These pictures don't do justice to how much fun we all had! Chris and I were able to wake board and even get on the surf board! I'm really bad at wake boarding, however I still had fun! I'm glad I wake boarded first, because everyone that followed me was WAY better! We would like to go out again this summer, but I felt so bad having Katelee spend all day without us that I might not make it out again this Summer! Why is it that when you become a parents you feel guilty if you have fun without your kids?


Trevino said...

Hello, Katelee had fun too!!!! She loves spending time with Aunt Anna and Uncle Ricky. She was an angel and laughed a ton for us!!

Ashlee said...

Thanks for coming to the lake with us. The boys had a blast with Ethan, and Jake and I enjoyed the adult company! If you decide that you can leave Katelee, or if you want to bring her, we would love to have you guys again. Thanks for a great day!

Steph said...

Glad you had fun in the sun. I havent been to the lake in years. I guess maybe this year we should go. Tell Chris congrats. How exciting. Whats the next step? A job? I still have the recipe too and your book. I am halfway done. hope to be done in the next few days. Hope that is okay? come by anytime. I am usually home. love ya