Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ethan's First Baseball Game

The other day Aunt Anna called and invited us to the 51's game. Ethan had just gone to Fathers and Sons and did a really good job with staying up way past his bedtime so we decided to take him with us. The game started at 7 which is when we get him ready for bed. We picked up a babysitter for Katelee (the first one that wasn't family) and headed off to the game. Usually I pick up some cheap burgers from somewhere so we don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a hamburger, but this time I wanted Ethan to have the "full" experience. Ethan had a great time. He just stared at the field for a while almost like he was in awe. Here he is with Aunt Anna...
Ethan was just a little restless so he decided to make a few phone calls. I'm pretty sure this call was to his agent. He's already working out the stipulations to his contract! :)

I'm so glad we took Ethan to this game, he had so much fun. Plus it was some alone time with just Mom and Dad and no Katelee. When we first got in the car to go, he kept saying Baby, Baby as if we were forgetting her. It was really cute, he is just so use to her coming with us everywhere! It was almost like he was sad she didn't get to come with us. He really does have a heart, most of the time! After the game there were fireworks, we were a little worried that he wouldn't like these since thunder scares him (I don't know where he gets that from) but when they turned the lights off I put him on my lap and he loved it. He just stared and didn't move for like 5 minutes, which is practically a miracle! He now calls fireworks "stars!" We had a really good time and hope to do this a little bit more as he continues to grow older and more responsible. Oh and one more thing. Ethan was deathly afraid of the bathroom stalls. We tried a few times to get him to go potty and he just wouldn't. He would hold on to you like you were hanging him over a cliff. But he didn't have an accident, he held his pee the entire time! He really is getting to be such a big boy!

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tiffunny said...

Cute - glad he had fun. And one on one time with just the parents is always good.