Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats Babe!

Well it is Official! Chris is now a College Graduate! (that reminds me I need to call the Car Insurance people and see if we can get a lower rate now!) He finished his classes/exams on the 7th of May. This semester was a lite load for him so I kinda forgot he was in school. I was spoiled and know I'm going to pay for it when PT school starts up this July! He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology! (That word isn't even in the Blog Spell Check!-It means the movement of muscles! (I've been corrected)) Chris' parents took us out to eat last Thursday to celebrate. They also have reason to celebrate as they just realized that ALL 4 of their children now are college graduates! Congrats to Them! The college Graduate studying the menu!
Ethan while he was actually behaving-Usually when we go to Olive Garden he is a wonderful child that always gets compliments. However this time our luck wore off, he was a little wild man! I guess he was just celebrating Dad's graduation in a different way!

Ethan with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson! (Yes, Katelee did go with us, she was just on the other side of the table!)
My redneck, boys! Oh how they make me so proud! I guess it's true, no matter how old or educated they get, boys never grow up, and I'm glad for that most of the time!


tiffunny said...

congrats on the graduated husband!!

Hilary and Chris said...

Hey Babe, Kinesiology is the study of the movement of muscles, not bones. Although we do have to know all the bones and thier markings.

Hilary and Chris said...
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Hilary and Chris said...

Oh and here I've been thinking it was the study of bones, how much more exciting it is that its muscles! I'll make the change!