Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ethan's First Fathers' and Sons' Outing

Two weekends ago Ethan and Chris went on their first Fathers' and Sons' outing. They were lucky enough to go with Uncle Matt. Uncle Enrique and Mohan. Mohan brought his Motor home, which Ethan calls "Mohan's Bus!" They left on Friday night, Grandpa Blackburn was suppose to go with them too in the Jeep, but he had to go up to Utah for a memorial service instead. I was a little worried that Ethan would be upset that the Jeep wasn't going, but the Bus took the Jeeps spot. The Camp out was up at Valley of Fire!
Ethan and his fake smile, ready to go!

I guess it was a little hot at first, look at those rosy cheeks!
In the captains chair...
Sitting with Uncle Matt, he loved being able to see our of the windshield!

Climbing on the rocks, he came home with quite a few bruises which sent me into nervous mode! But the bruises went away slowly, so I'm not too worried anymore!
Ethan and Chris with a nice background view! Ethan with Uncle Matt
Coming home...

About 10-15 minutes later, they were both exhausted! Ethan had a blast and so did Chris. He got to stay up so late, but he took a three hour nap the next day so he kinda caught up on his sleep! Katelee and I went to dinner with Aunt Anna and Aunt Anjali and had a great time!


Heidi said...

I was bummed this year because our father and sons got cancelled last minute...Kolby was already driving up to the mountain! The boys were beyond disappointed! Looks like a great time with all your bunch! I love "Mohan's bus"!! Classic!!

tiffunny said...

What a fun weekend for everyone!