Friday, April 15, 2011

Touro-Sky Mania Family Night

The other night (well I was still on maternity leave, so it was about a month ago) Chris' school, Touro, reserved Sky Mania for their students and families. Sky Mania is a big warehouse full of trampolines. This was my first time being inside the building and I was impressed. We called our friends the Deuels and invited them to join us. So we all headed down to Sky Mania and the kids and Chris jumped the night away. I was a little upset because I was still not cleared to do any of this physical activity, but I got to watch and visit with my friend so it was just as fun for me. Chris was on a dodge ball team that ended up taking second place.... Good job babe!Kate LOVED jumping, and I think LOVED is an understatement. She jumped for 2+ hours solid. The only breaks she took was to get a drink of water and she was back at it. I love this picture because you can see Katelee, looking pretty funny, and Ethan about to bomb in on the trampoline she is jumping on. There were so many kids there I had to keep looking and making sure I could see my kids.
Here is Katelee and Brody, who kept pushing Katelee down. It was kinda funny, she didn't like being pushed down but she would just let him do it! Brody is very familiar with this place and jumped around like he owned the place. You can also see Ethan about to jump against the side trampoline. Ethan was crazy, crazy and CRAZY while we were there. Sweet Ashlee just slept the entire time we were there, except for the half hour when I had to feed her.

What is funny is I would have never taken Ethan to this place at Ashlee's age. But with the third kid there wasn't a second thought about it.

Chris' school is so family oriented, I love it. They do family things often... This is the first official family thing we have been too, but it's nice to know they know their students have families that need a break every once in a while too! What was even better was that the kids were out in no time for bed that night! NICE!!

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