Monday, April 18, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Time

Chris has been studying a lot lately since he is getting closer and closer to being finished with the classroom portion of schooling. With me being back at work it seems like the evenings are a rush to get a million things completed and get the kids down for the night in two hours or so. Ashlee is a great baby and the kids have been going to bed pretty well, but there is still a bit of time where Ashlee needs a little bit of our undivided attention.

The other night Ashlee got a little fussy right before her feeding time so Chris picked her up and held her on his lap while I finished dishes and folding the clothes...

It started out like this....And then turned to this.... (Yes, Chris is awake... Kinda looks like he is asleep!) Apparently school work already makes Ashlee tired too! And here I have been thinking all along it was just Chris that got sleepy when he studied! I'm just glad I have a husband that is so willing to help out. He has so much on his plate: Graduate School, Studying, kids, wife, church calling and more.... Yet he is still a very active dad in our kids' lives-Very active husband in this very needy lady's life and I love him more and more each day for it!

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Get Hooked said...

Awesome man you have there. What a sweet baby too.