Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The other day I heard this song on the radio and fell in love. I'm a thinker... Especially when it comes to music. I analyze and contemplate songs, their lyrics and the possible meaning of them. This song really got me thinking. We have all had trials, heartache, pain, loss and joy! Through this song I have been reminded that some of my greatest joy has been preceded by pain. It was put very well in conference, roughly they said...any mother can tell you that the pain of childbirth precedes the miracle of life. Oh how that is true and I don't even do it without the assistance of medication. :) It's amazing how my prayers go in cycles depending on what is going on in my life. When I'm pregnant I pray for a safe and healthy delivery, I pray for my unborn child to be watched over and come with no complications, I pray for strength to be a good mother to this special spirit coming to our earthly home. After the baby is born my prayers turn to thanksgiving for a safe delivery, for doctors that are trained, for a healthy baby and a wonderful support system. When a child is sick, especially when Ethan went through his ITP my prayers were full of pleading tears and a mother's deepest desire for that child to be healed. No matter how or where my prayers are said or cried I know that my Heavenly Father hears them. I know that I can cry, sob, mumble, beg, laugh or whisper and yet he still knows what I'm saying, he understands. When there are no words to adequately express my true feelings at that particular time, I am positive He knows EXACTLY how I feel. Some times it does take a thousand sleepless nights to realize that HE is there. Sometimes it takes a good cry to heal and sometimes it takes something so small to happen in our lives or someone else's life to realize just how blessed we really are. I have grown closer to my husband from trials we have faced together. I learned as a young mother how much a child can change your life. I have grown closer to my children by loving them through our tough times. Sometimes we don't really appreciate fully the special people in our lives until we contemplate or experience a life without them. How special we are then to our Father in Heaven that he was willing to be apart from us while we came to earth to experience the trials and joys of this life. And while we may all experience trials and tribulation in this life we can know that we have them to help us grow. To show us the joy that comes after pain. To see the sun and the rainbow after the storm. I have been blessed abundantly in my life to have such a great family, wonderful husband, beautiful children and special friends.... Those are all I need to face any trial in my life... I have been blessed, truly blessed!


tiffunny said...

nice thoughts

Heidi said...

Wow what a great song! Do you listen to 90.5? This is great, thanks for sharing!