Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Girls...

Poor Ashlee, being the third child she spends a lot of time in her car seat. Luckily for us she doesn't mind. During the week she falls asleep or is asleep when we get her in the car seat to go to Grandma's house. She then naps in her car seat until her next bottle. And with all the activities we have going on we leave her in the car seat and push her around. She is such a good baby and never really fusses about the car seat, even when it's been a long game, trip or errands run. Many nights when I get home from picking the kids up at Grandma's, Ashlee stays in her car seat until I get the dishes done or Daddy gets home and takes her out. This girl smiles all the time, yet I haven't been able to really capture it in a picture! This is the closest I have gotten~! And this one too!
Cousin Emily is letting Ashlee borrow her little swing and Ashlee seems to be enjoying it. Her siblings love it too because they can change the music and turn it up really loud! Katelee especially likes to turn the 'heartbeat' sound up really loud and drive her mother crazy!!!
And look at my little, big Katelee. I haven't really blogged about her being potty trained, so I guess I can do that now. Katelee has been wearing big girl underwear for a while now. She all of a sudden one day before Ashlee came along decided she would stop being so stubborn and be potty trained. She still wears pull ups to bed at night, however during the day she is all good! She loves to put on her big girl underwear and screams if you try to do it for her. Sometimes she will come in the potty room while I'm in there and tell me how proud of me she is when I go potty! Makes me laugh and realize I must say that a lot to her! She is really turning into such a big girl. It's pretty weird to think she is no longer my baby girl... she is my oldest girl! Her hair is still curly and her legs are still long and lean! Attitude and all we love having this crazy lady around!

And that is all for the random girls for now!

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Brandi said...

Oh my goodness! Your girls are so pretty mama! And woah! When did Katelee grow up???