Friday, October 2, 2009

This little Stinker!

This Monday Chris picked the kids up from my Mom right before nap time. The hope was that the kids would take really good naps so Chris could study for 2 HUGE tests that he had on Wednesday. So he puts the kids down and goes downstairs to study. A little while later he can here Katelee messing around in her bed. She does this for my mom quite often, but usually on the weekends when we put her down she goes right to sleep. So Chris goes upstairs to see what is going on. He opens the door and she is turning the light on and off. Apparently she discovered that she can reach the light-switch behind her crib. Chris also discovers that all of her binkies and stuffed animals are on the ground. So he gets everything put back together and calms her down again. He lays her down and get about an hours worth of studying done and she is awake and ready to go for the rest of the day. This girl has perfected the art of "keeping us on our toes" with her attitude, smiles, screams, fist clinching, shaking and much much more that she does on a daily basis, and sometimes all in an hours span!


Keever Family said...

Does she scream and then when she sees you, smiles real big? That is Caitlin's favorite trick!

Steph said...

She might be a little stinker but she is a cute little stinker.

tiffunny said...

The fun begins . . . ! :)