Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Update

Chris had his work Christmas party on Saturday night. We had my mother-in-law and Tayler come over and watch the kids. We left around 6:30pm. All was well. Katelee was sleeping and Ethan was about to eat dinner. I wrote down Ethan and Katelee's schedules and off we went to enjoy ourselves. The party was fun, not as fun as last year (Chris and I won the dancing contest last year) We stayed a little longer than I had planned on, we stayed till 10pm(felt like Midnight) I called to let them know we were on our way home and Katelee was screaming in the back ground. So of course I started feeling bad for leaving her for so long. She had been crying pretty much the entire time, and was really gassy! So we got home and I held her and she calmed right down and cuddled with me. Of course that made me feel REALLY good, but I still felt bad for Grandma. I guess Ethan decided to get out of bed while Grandma watched him and put lotion all over his hair. Since I have been in young woman's the girls have been begging to babysit. I've been considering it, however this weekend just reaffirmed that I shouldn't let anyone but family watch the kids. I really think Katelee just wanted her mom or dad! :) Silly little girl....Katelee wore her new dress to church and I think she looked absolutely beautiful! :)


tiffunny said...

You should let them babysit sometime - i know it's easier said then done when you have family in town. I rarely ended up using young women, but when you find one you trust, it really is nice. I loved babysitting as a teen and sure sometimes the kids could be hard, but it wasn't ever anything you couldn't deal with - plus with cell phones now a days you can always get ahold of people. Maybe just use them for "shorter" dates or errands and save family for the longer times. Although family is usually free and you can't beat that! :)
Katelee does look cute in that dress.

Heidi said...

Her dress is beautiful!! And leaving your kids with teenagers is scary at first. I waited until Mason was 9 months old before we had a teenager. I was paranoid! But it does give you a sense of freedom to be able to leave and know your kids are being watched by someone you trust at your house and they can go to bed in their own beds.

Steph said...

ok, can katelee took anymore like you! havent seen her in a while.holy moly!! beautiful dress, but she is supposed to wear it this sunday!! i am the same way with a babysitter. cant leave my kids with anyone else until they are at least a year old and they will probably be sleeping most of the time we are gone. i am such an overprotected mom. oh well. cant wait to see you. love ya