Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 Years Ago

Isn't it amazing how time can go by so fast, yet when you really stop to think about it, it has dragged on? It has been 10 years since my Grandparents died. My mother and I went and put new flowers on their grave this weekend. It is sad to me that Chris never got to meet them, but I tell lots of stories so he kinda knows them. Hazel and Pete were the best grandparents any kid could ask for. Grandpa always had some kind of funny story to tell and I love how he use to eat our ears! And Grandma was so sweet and a great baker! I'm so glad my mother made us go visit them so often. We were up at their house EVERY Sunday and usually different days during the week too! I miss them but know we'll see each other again in a much better place!


Heidi said...

I agree...we have the BEST grandparents in the world! I miss them both a bunch too. The other day Kolby made some popcorn and when I came downstairs that smell instantly reminded me of Grandma Stewart's house on Sundays when we would all get together and get a cup full of popcorn. Good memories!

Blackett's Blog said...

Wow I can't believe it has been ten years. I too wish Brady and my boys could of known them. I talk about them alot and try to imitate the ear eating on Cooper. I am glad we went there every Sunday...Remember star search and pretending to be one of the models:) good times. thanks for the reminder about them. It has made my whole day.

tiffunny said...

So sweet. I miss them too. Maddy got to meet both of them but will never remember it. I too try & imitate the ear thing on my kids. But nothing can compare to grandpa's!!