Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

So Christmas Eve was really fun this year. Ethan was excited about presents, Katelee just hung out and Madilynn is walking and just plain CUTE! So we were a little late getting to the program so when we got there we had to rush to get Ethan in his "Shepard" costume. Which he looked absolutely wonderful in. He let me put the outfit on him and didn't mind it at all. Katelee was suppose to be Jesus but was asleep when we got there so one of the twins filled in for her! Madilynn was an angle and wasn't too happy about being 5 feet from her mom so she was crying and Ethan was trying to make her smile. He played with the donkey ears trying to make her smile. He even went over to her and hugged her, which he did all on his own. It was the cutest thing ever. We got it all on video, oh the memories.... Isn't there always a good story from the Nativity story every year??? Then Santa came. Grandma taught Ethan that Santa says "Ho Ho Ho" so when Santa came in Ethan was excited and had a look of amazement on his face. Last year Ethan cried and wanted down, but this year he did really well. He sat on his lap and said Cheese for all of the cameras out there. Katelee just laid there and was an angle as always! Madilynn was a good girl for a bit and then she had had enough!


Heidi said...

Where are the nativity pics?? Those nativities are always the best!! Remember the year with Donald Duck as baby Jesus?? =) Good memories!!

tiffunny said...

Gotta love the nativity. who's house is that at? Glad the kids did well and gave you so many "memories" to cherish.