Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Weekend Shots

Here are some random shots from this weekend! Ethan and Mommy reading a bedtime book while Ethan had a breathing treatment. The poor boy has his parents bad health. First it was Eczema then it was allergies and after that it was asthma. He does really well with the treatments now. At first he would cry the whole time, now he holds the mask and taps on the bottom when the medicine runs out! Silly boy, monkey see, monkey do!
This is Katelee when it was time for her to eat and go to bed for the night. She didn't want to wake up to get her last bottle. I know some might say great just put her in bed, however it had been about 4 or 5 hours since she last ate so we wanted to feed her again so she would sleep longer. Finally she woke up, ate and went to bed until....4am! Yeah, she is getting closer to sleeping through the night!
Katelee all snug and comfy in UJ's arms. He loves holding her. Aren't they cute???

Daddy and Katelee after church watching the football game. She was really tired and would doze in and out of sleep until finally I made him wrap her up and put her down! She loves her Daddy!


Heidi said...

Maybe she is growing since she was so tired all day and night!! That is always a good thing!!

tiffunny said...

love the pic of uncle jim & her. Does she still sleep in the bassinet? That's cool she can fit it in for so long. Does Ethan sleep in a big boy bed now? I still don't have Mally in one