Monday, December 8, 2008

Anna's Big 3-0 Birthday

Yesterday was my Favorite Sister's Birthday. She turned the big three-zero! I love my sister and will use this special occasion to tell my sister how much I love her and appreciate her. Anna is always there to spoil my kids and me when I need spoiling. Anna and I have been best friends since we stopped sharing a room (for those of you who had to share a room with a sibling you will understand that statement). The years we shared a room where not our best, however when she moved out I realized how lucky I was to have someone I could talk to whenever I wanted. We use to lay in bed at night and tell each other stories! Although she lives CLEAR across town from us we still get to see her all the time! I couldn't ask for a better sister! WE LOVE YOU ANNA, happy birthday!


Heidi said...

What an oldie!!!
I love Anna Banana too!! She is the best!! I am glad that I live CLOSE to her!! He he =)

tiffunny said...

Wow - I always thought Anna was younger then Heidi - i didn't realize they were the same age. I'll always remember how she used to go in grandma's back room & sing her little heart out every Sunday. How fitting that she's a choir director now!! :)

Blackett's Blog said...

Happy birthday Anna. Yes and I understand the statement about sharing rooms. Of course I did for the most part love sharing a room with Liesl. But I can think of numerous fights we had clear up into college. I am laughing just thinking about them.